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They are the Braxtons and we see how they are not like any ordinary family.

If you keep up with the Braxtons, as you should every week, then you know the aforementioned are lyrics from the show’s theme song, and the reason why it’s time for the girls to check in with the family lawyer.

Somebody’s about to get sued!

This week’s episode reveals what looks like some shady business dealings between Towanda, Trina, Traci and their brother-in-law, Vincent Herbert.

Apparently, new details involving the royalties and vocal performance fees of the show’s theme song have been uncovered by the family lawyer, Antavius. After taking a meeting with Antavius, Trina and Towanda discover that not only have they not been given their due credit for their contribution to the show’s theme song but, they also find out why.

According to the sisters, the theme song was co-written by Traci, Towanda and Tamar, and all of the sisters sang on the track. Yet, somehow, some way, two of the sisters were never compensated for their work.

Antavius drops the bomb that the theme song is owned by both Vince and Tamar through his publishing company. And the paperwork suggests that Tamar alone wrote and sang on the track.

So now, in order for the sisters to be properly compensated they may just have to take Vincent to court.

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