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Needless to say, the girls are not too happy about having any event at Vince’s home due to the pending lawsuit. And there’s some skepticism surrounding Tamar’s involvement in this mishap as well. Did she know what was going on or didn’t she? That’s a conversation they’ll need to have soon.

Toni doesn’t wants to tell somebody other than her mother. So, she calls Michael Braxton Sr., aka Daddy.

While FaceTiming with her dad, she decides to take about two minutes (I’m exaggerating) to scratch her face, touch her chin and rub her eyes – anything she can do to get him to notice her RING and it works.

“What’s that on your hand!?”

Yes, yes, yes – Toni Braxton and Birdman are ENGAGED! She says that he proposed while they were in Las Vegas but, before he popped the question, he went to her sons first for their approval. (Awwww)

While one Braxton union is just beginning, another one is slowly unraveling and being petty all over social media.

Towanda and her ex-husband, Andre, have been handling this divorce in a way that best suits their children and their lifestyle. They still live in the house together but in different areas, as co-parents. They even show a united front attheir daughter’s school.

Their daughter, Brooke, is allegedly being taunted at school by her peers who call her names like ‘preying mantis’ and a ‘tree’ because she’s tall. One boy even punched her. Now that’s assault! And charges are being filed by Towanda and Andre.

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