How do you feel about “oil pulling?”

There is nothing that will replace brushing and flossing AND seeing a dentist regularly. The problem with the concept of oil pulling is that it misleads you to think that you can go without brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist. Oil pulling won’t cure cavities or gum disease. It also won’t remove hardened tartar on the teeth. I don’t do oil pulling. Holding oil in my mouth for an extended period of time(15-20 minutes) doesn’t sit well with me.

Dr., my granddaughter is 18 months and her front teeth crooked what can be done when the permanent teeth cone in for them to be straight. Please advise!

At 18 month’s it’s too soon to be concerned about straightening her teeth. At that age teeth are still moving. As teeth come in, that crookedness may correct on its own. All baby teeth are usually in place by age 2. Just be sure she’s seeing the dentist regularly. That way if the teeth are still crooked, the dentist may recommend braces when they are older.

How to get rid of chronic bad breath?

Gum disease is usually the cause of chronic bad breath. In order to get rid of the bad breath, you have to see a dentist in order to treat the gum disease.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign or teeth straightening?

Invisalign, braces, and teeth straightening can be costly, but there are dentist that have options and payment plans that make it more affordable for you. Be sure to always consult with a licensed dentist when considering these options.

Why is dental insurance separate from health insurance?

It’s separate because it’s a different field. Eye insurance is separate as well.

I was told my son need braces but he is only 11. Is this OK or is there a better alternative?

Braces at 11 is normal. If the dentist is recommending it at that age, it is most likely a need that will also help improve his oral health.

Dental care is so expensive even with my PPO DENTAL INS. How does the doc feel about going to dental schools for dental care? My son and I were going to the dentist regularly every 6 months. However my dental insurance only pays 75 to 85% and going to the dentist got a little expensive for us even for cleanings. Would it be a good idea to go to dental schools to get cleanings and other dental repairs like filling?

If your insurance is paying 85%, that’s actually pretty good. If there is a dental school near you, I highly recommend being treated there. You will receive great care. Just remember to pack your patience. A simple procedure done in a dental office can take hours to complete at a dental school, but your cost will be less.

I am a diabetic and my teeth began to move. What is your suggestion? Should I get braces at 68 years young?

If your teeth are moving, be sure to have them evaluated first. Diabetics are more susceptible to getting gum disease. It’s fine to get braces, but we want to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy first.

Good morning Doctor, can issues with the teeth cause ear problems such as ear infection?

It’s possible to have a toothache that mimics or causes an earache or headache. It’s called referred pain.

I want to get an implant to replace a missing bottom molar, but I’ve noticed some slight crowding and would also like to get invisible braces. Which do I do first: implant OR braces?? I’m 62.

Get braces first and then the implants.

My son has had acid reflux and has been a ruminator since he was age 1. He’s 10. He has had most of his baby teeth removed and replaced with caps. I am having a hard time protecting his baby teeth and finding good dentists that will use a sealant on his permanent teeth.

How can I best combat the ruminating and protect his permanent teeth? Every toothpaste and mouthwash we’ve tried burns his mouth and he hates the 3 times/day (I have him brush and rinse at school daily after lunch) he has to brush/rinse.

First find a pediatric dentist that has experience with dealing with kids with reflux. All dentist should be able to use sealants on permanent teeth as long as the teeth are cavity free.

My 6-year-old lost her front teeth in August and they haven’t come in yet. The dentist told us to be patient they will come in soon. Is this normal?

Yes be patient. I wouldn’t be overly concerned yet.

I wish my mother had known about taking me to the dentist at early age maybe I would have not gotten that fear. To this day, I fear dentists. I have two missing teeth I think because of the chemotherapy I took, but anyway what can I do to replace these teeth efficiently and safely and have it look natural?

There are three main options for replacing missing teeth: implants, bridges, and partial dentures.

Does swimming daily cause staining of your teeth because of the chlorine???

No, it does not.

How much should braces cost?

That’s not the easiest question to answer. It will depend on the complexity of case and also on where you are located. For instance, braces in California are probably going to be more expensive than braces in Alabama. They can range from $3000 to $4000 all the way to $7000+.





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