Little Known Black History Facts

Rebecca Lee Crumpler is widely considered by historians as the first African-American woman to become a physician in the states. While the fact has been disputed, Dr. Crumpler’s contributions to medicine and her will to challenge racial and sexist barriers has solidified her rightful place in history. Crumpler was born February 8, 1831 in Christiana, […]

Little Known Black History Facts

Dr. Justina L. Ford was a pioneering physician who practiced medicine in Colorado, despite facing the barriers of race and gender. Dr. Ford, better known as the “Lady Doctor,” was rumored to have delivered 7,000 babies in her lifetime and was the lone Black female doctor in the state for the first half of the […]

PLEASE EXPLAIN THE JOINT PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION AND THE AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION FOR THE “KNOW DIABETES BY HEART” INITIATIVE? There are around 30 million Americans with diabetes, but only about half recognize their risk for heart disease. Last year, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association launched a collaborative initiative […]

DOES OVERPLUCKING ALWAYS LEAD TO PERMANENT EYEBROW HAIR LOSS? A: Not always. Your body perceives plucking as trauma to the hair follicle.  This leads to mild inflammation around the hair follicle. The hair will usually grow back.  However, over time, with chronic plucking and chronic trauma to those hairs; a form of traction alopecia can […]

Dr. Sherita Hill Golden has nearly 25 years of experience specializing in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism as well as internal medicine. She currently serves as a professor of endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine and she is vice president and Chief Diversity Officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine. Know Diabetes […]

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH MATHEW KNOWLES WAS ON THE SHOW FRIDAY TO DISCUSS HIS BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSIS.WHAT ARE THE SIGNS/SYMPTOMS OF BREAST CANCER FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN? For men and women, possible symptoms of breast cancer may include the following: Changes to skin overlying the breast. These changes can include dimpling, redness […]

 11 Myths & Facts about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Myth: All kids with ADHD are hyperactive. Fact: No all kids with ADHD are hyperactive. Many kids can have challenges with their attention span. Children who are inattentive, but not overly active, may appear to be dazed, bored and /or lazy. Myth: Kids with ADHD can never pay attention. […]

Little Known Black History Facts

Dr. Keith L. Black is a pioneering neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of brain tumors, introducing a pair of innovative techniques that advanced the field. Dr. Black was born September 13, 1957 in Tuskegee, Ala. At eight years old, Black’s father, a high school principal, fostered his son’s interest in science by allowing him […]

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Dr. Carlin Barnes and Dr. Marketa Will are Harvard-trained psychiatrists  co-authored a book titled “Understanding Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Guide To Mental Health Disorders For Family And Friends.” IF TWICE AS MANY PEOPLE DIE BY SUICIDE THAN THOSE WHO DIE BY HOMICIDE WHY AREN’T WE HEARING ABOUT THIS […]

WHAT IS GRANDPARENTS DAY? Grandparents Day is celebrated each September. Celebrations come in many forms, including gift-giving, sending cards and letters, making phone calls and participating in activities with grandchildren. It is also a time that families gather together and reminisce about the good old days by flipping through old photo albums, sharing grandma’s recipes […]

WHAT IS HPV? HPV, which stands for human papillomavirus, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States.  There are lots of strains of HPV, but you can put those strains into two major categories: low-risk HPV and high-risk HPV.  Exposure to low risk strains of HPV can lead to genital warts.  Exposure […]

WHY SHOULD PEOPLE OF COLOR TAKE ANY SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS WITH THEIR SKIN DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS? It’s a common misconception among people of color that melanin automatically protects us from the harmful effects of the sun. Many dermatologists call this the “melanin myth.”  Most persons with ​skin of color have​ an average “inherent” SPF of […]