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2/15/18- Passengers on an 8 hour flight from Germany to New Jersey boarded the flight from hell. A three-year old spent 8 hours screaming, running and climbing during the entire flight. The mother apparently asked for wi-fi but Sherri thinks the mother meant to ask if there was a Black woman on flight to snatch her kid up!



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2 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: A Screaming Child On An 8 Hour Flight

  1. Annette Tyson on said:

    Some parents think that it is quite for there child to do whatever they please and it is ok.I would have asked a flight attendant to ask her to control her child. If I were on the flight and this parent would not control her child after being asked to and still nothing was done. I would say to her “no one this plane wants to hear your child run, play, or scream for 8 hours. If my child acted like this she would react the same way that I would.

  2. This would not have been a child of color acting up this way in public,
    It is usually if not ALWAYS white kids who act a fool as their STUPID PARENTS
    stand by wondering what the hell to do.

    I would’ve needed to be rather drunk and medicated to have tolerated that BRAT on the plane
    for eight hours.

    Oh, HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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