Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd Tells A Hilarious Story About An Epic Louis Vuitton Shopping Spree Courtesy of Tom Joyner

Unfortunately for seasoned daytime vet Sherri Shepherd, it doesn't look like she'll be getting a blessing from talk show predecessor Wendy Williams anytime soon after some shade was thrown towards her upcoming show in a recent interview with Fat Joe.

After weeks of speculation, it is now official: 'The Wendy Williams Show' is over

In wake of Wendy Williams' absence from the public eye, season 14 of her popular daytime talk show has seen a rotating door of celebrity guest hosts filling her famous purple chair. Of all the replacements though, Sherri Shepherd has proven to be most popular and now it looks like she may have the job for good.

For the week ending in Nov. 7, reports are saying that comedic actress and personality Sherri Shepherd has boosted the most recent ratings for 'The Wendy Williams Show' as guest host to the highest it's been since the season started back in mid October.

Actress, comedienne, and talk show host Sherri Shepherd recently celebrated her 54th birthday (April 22) with a Hollywood-themed photoshoot and she looks absolutely stunning! The glamourous photos were revealed in People Magazine as a way to “celebrate Black leading ladies who have paved the way for other women of color.” The shoot comes after Sherri’s […]

Comedian, actress, and TV personality is showing off the results from her keto diet and she looks amazing!

Sherri Shepherd posted an odd clip of herself feigning some sort of emotional breakdown after learning her teen soon will be out of school until May during the coronavirus outbreak. Shepherd has been in quarantine at home with her 14-year-old son Jeffrey Charles, and she recently took to Instagram to vent about having to be home with […]

If we learned anything about Sherri today we learned that she can keep a secret. Huggy says she has proved that she’s no Takashi 6ix9ine. She was the penguin on The Masked Singer and didn’t tell anyone! Sybil figured out that it was her but she never confirmed it. Way to go Sherri!

Sherri’s parents used to tell her “you smell like a pole cat” when she came from playing outside. She never thought she smelled bad so she ignored them. Her parents said “you’ll see when you have kids.” Now she understands, she says sometimes Jeffery “smells like his butt is on his face!”

Sherri was Neicy Nash’s plus one to the Emmys and had a ball! She was so excited because it was the first time a designer gave her a gown to wear, but the catch was that she had to get a photo on the red carpet or she’d have to pay for it. Bouncers tried […]