Beyonce released a Netflix documentary all about her Coachella takeover last year. The film gives an in depth view of what it took to pull off her iconic performance. In the documentary she said, “I definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could. And I learned a very valuable lesson and I’ll never push myself […]

Nicki Minaj has a new man! The pair dated when they were teens and have recently rekindled their relationship. It’s only been a few months but they have reportedly already talked marriage and babies! Nicki’s new boo is a registered sex offender and did 7 years for manslaughter, but Nicki reportedly said she doesn’t care […]

3/29/18- If you don’t already know almost everyone is beside themselves trying to figure out who bit Beyoncé at Jay’Z’s after party. Sanaa Lathan became the main suspect but has denied it. Kym and Sherri chime in with their on suspensions and definitely think Sanaa did it! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST […]

3/15/18- Tiffany Haddish revealed that she’d be interested in hosting the Oscars next year but only if she was getting that check! Kym says she meant to say she wants some of that Chris Rock money. Sherri thinks she means she can’t be funny without the money because she needs to be paid her for […]

2/22/18- Blac Chyna‘s sex taped got leaked on Twitter and she’s trying to find out who did it. Authorities have reason to believe that she did it herself. Sherri thinks she meant to say something about catching Kris Jenner for leaking it while Kym thinks she meant to get Ray J in on the deal. […]

2/15/18- Passengers on an 8 hour flight from Germany to New Jersey boarded the flight from hell. A three-year old spent 8 hours screaming, running and climbing during the entire flight. The mother apparently asked for wi-fi but Sherri thinks the mother meant to ask if there was a Black woman on flight to snatch […]

2/8/18- Yesterday was national signing day for high school athletes going to college and a video of a mother walking out on her son after he signed with Florida State when she wanted him to go to Alabama or Tennessee. Sherri says she rented out his bedroom and was expecting him to stay home while […]

2/1/18- On this segment of That’s What She Said, Kym and Sherri dissect Leslie Jones’ tweet about working out but feeling like she’s doing it for no reason. Sherri thinks she meant to ask what she had to do to get a man while Kym thinks she’s a Oprah looking for her Stedman. READ MORE STORIES […]

1/25/18- Melania Trump tweeted a message commemorating the first year she’s spent in office with her husband President Donald Trump. However, Sherri and Kym think she was saying something entirely different like she’s sleeping with a general or she’s going to tell Trump who their sons real father is! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE […]

1/23/18- Recently the internet blew up on singer Ciara after she told her followers to level up if they want to get wifed up. She said this after posting an expert from a John Gray sermon.  Sherri Shepherd says she meant that women should get their act together by staying off the pole and to […]