Help The Willie Moore Jr. Show head to the Stellars! The Stellar Awards and its academy (SAGMA) continue to pay tribute to Gospel radio’s role in the delivery of Gospel music by acknowledging some of the radio stations who have helped foster the steady increase in the appetite for gospel music. If you enjoying kicking […]

Willie Moore Jr. had Prez Biden on the show to give a better breakdown of his recent document on the advances in equity for Black Americans.

Just in time for Foster Care Awareness Month, nationally syndicated radio host Willie Moore Jr. will premiere a new film called "The Missing Peace," which documents his own adoption journey as well as the moment he met his biological family for the first time in 2020.

  Over 23 years ago, filmmaker, writer, and producer David E. Talbert began writing a story that he hoped would land on Broadway, now it is being released as a major film on one the largest streaming services in the world. Talbert joins the Willie Moore Jr. Show to discuss how “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas […]

Divorce is usually frowned upon in the Christian community but one pastor recently made headlines after he publicly advocated for divorce. Pastor Reginald Sharpe joins the Willie Moore Jr. Show to discuss why he believes there are instances where divorce is justifiable. He also talks about how his parents’ divorce impacted him. Sharpe is the […]

The Willie Moore Jr. Show’s Big Med hosted a virtual meet and greet with the one and only Tasha Cobbs-Leonard. Cobbs discussed her new music, the pandemic, her business ventures, healthy eating, and more. Plus, she played a hilarious game of “Would you Rather”. Check it out below!   Follow The Willie Moore Jr. Show […]

BeBe Winans' new video for it features our fam, Willie Moore Jr., and you can watch it here first! 

The coronavirus has made an impact on the entire country. People are out of jobs, others are working overtime to save lives, and we all feel a sense of uncertainty. Business owners are also feeling it. Willie Moore Jr. talks to Christine Hector, a boutique owner, about how she has been effected. She has been […]

During these uncertain times we could all use a little motivation. Pastor Mike Jr. joined the Willie Moore Jr. show recently to share some motivation in the motivational moment. He declared that we have peace and are healed. As we approach Easter he says that “if he can get up” so can we. We should […] While we’re all safe at home, lots of people have started getting their workout on. Willie Moore Jr’s wife has been doing her in home workouts by day and at cub Instagram at night. During one of her workouts he heard her listening to Yo Gotti’s 5 Star Chick while their daughter as in […]

It seems like all anyone can talk about nowadays is the coronavirus, and a lot of people are in full on panic mode! Dr. Ian Smith called into the Willie Moore Jr. show to explain what’s really going on. He says that people should be “alarmed by Covid-19,” but we shouldn’t “panic.” He has noticed […]

With all of the craziness surrounding us with the coronavirus, it can feel overwhelming or even hopeless. But, Willie Moore Jr, wants us all to know that “God’s got us.” We’ve been hearing that things are going to be shutting down and that things will get worse. But, the Bible says thet “God will use […]