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Joe Biden

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Just ahead of Election Day, President Joe Biden sent out a special address to the Black community to give an update on advances in equity and opportunities overall for those in our community across America.

Take a look at the opening excerpt below, via The White House:

“From the first day in office and every day since, the Biden-Harris Administration has led the charge to ensure that all African American families and communities can live with dignity, safety, respect, and achieve greater economic opportunity. The Administration has taken an historic approach to advancing racial equity, including directing every agency across the whole of the federal government to address the lasting impacts of systemic racism on Black communities. For generations, entrenched disparities in our society and economy, at times facilitated by the federal government, have made it harder for Black Americans to have a fair shot at the American dream. Centuries of injustice and decades of disinvestment in Black communities not only undermine the American promise of equal opportunity, but also keep our entire nation from reaching its potential.”


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The document is lengthy, to say the least, but thankfully we had the pleasure of having Prez Biden himself on the Willie Moore Jr. Show today to give us a better breakdown of what it all means and how it will apply to your household.

Watch the full conversation with President Joe Biden below: