Last week Naomi Campbell stepped out in hazmat suit while making her way through LAX amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a new clip for her popular YouTube series “Being Naomi,” the supermodel explains the reason behind her hazmat suit, mask, goggles and gloves. The six-minute clip opens with the 49-year-old icon getting acupuncture ear seeds to help “balance the […]

CHICAGO (AP) — Harsh criticism rained on the Trump administration Sunday from state and local officials over long lines of returning international passengers at some U.S. airports that could have turned them into coronavirus carriers as they tried to get home. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, both Democrats, lambasted the administration […]

TSA no longer allows its employees to create videos on the social media platform TikTok. There are reportedly security concerns about national security issues about the usage and handling of personal data information. Employees were creating videos for TSA social media about what can and can’t be brought on an airplane but not anymore.

NEW DELHI (AP) — Commercial airlines are rerouting flights throughout the Middle East to avoid potential danger during heightened tensions between the United States and Iran. Jumbled schedules could affect as many as 15,000 passengers per day, lengthen flight times by an average of 30 to 90 minutes, and severely bruise the bottom line for […]


Here’s a case of favoritism that’ll make everyone smile. Leah Amy, a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant shared the sweet story of her new “favorite” passengers on Facebook. She wrote about a “kindhearted man” and the elderly woman he selflessly swapped seats with, so she could enjoy his first-class perks. The post that has since gone viral with […]

According to a new study, some of the most popular airlines in the U.S don’t provide clean drinking water to passengers and it can actually make you sick. Airlines were scored from 0-5 based on how safe the water is with three being the lowest safe number. Only 3 of the 11 major airlines met […]

Record throngs of travelers are expected to jam into airports over the Thanksgiving break and airlines are adding hundreds of flights a day in response. The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that it expects to screen more than 26.8 million passengers and airline crew members between Nov. 22 and Dec. 2. That would be a […]

Traveling is so much fun, and everyone loves new experiences. Ever thought about visiting a nude beach? If you want to be on a nude beach please don’t do any of the following, don’t run, don’t engage in PDA, don’t be a close talker, and it’s the worst time to do yoga!

LONDON (AP) — Longtime British tour company Thomas Cook collapsed after failing to secure rescue funding, and travel bookings for its more than 600,000 global vacationers were canceled early Monday. The British government said the return of the firm’s 150,000 British customers now abroad would be the largest repatriation in its peacetime history. The process […]

Black people love to travel, but this trip turned out to be a trip from hell. A group of Black folks from all over were expecting a fabulous week on the water for The Black Yacht Week presented by The Black Travel Movement. The plan was to have 15-25 yacht sail for 7 days for […]

Years ago, probably in 1997 or 1998,  the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew took a trip to South Africa. Literally everyone went, and they were riding around South Africa and just telling jokes! It’s a trip Tom will never forget, especially because George Wallace decided to drop his pants. Sybil says when he did it […]

A Colorado couple left the Grand Bahia Principe resort after getting violently ill.