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Black people love to travel, but this trip turned out to be a trip from hell. A group of Black folks from all over were expecting a fabulous week on the water for The Black Yacht Week presented by The Black Travel Movement. The plan was to have 15-25 yacht sail for 7 days for a floating party in the British Virgin Islands. Jacque Ried goes Inside Her Story with Jewel Pearson, who experienced this disaster of a vacation.

Pearson says the trip cost her group about $5,000 per person and are disappointed with the issues that came with the trip. Many people had to deal with leaking boats, power outages, and a lack of food.

Reggie Cummings, the owner of The Black Travel Movement has filed a lawsuit against Dream Yacht Charter who is counter suing him.

Pearson admits that, “going into it you knew” that it wasn’t the most organized trip. From the beginning there were “customer service issues” and communication skills were “lacking.” But, like many others her group just “made the best of it.”

Their main issue was that the food didn’t meet their needs and meal preferences were not met. One person, who was diabetic was ill for about a month after the trip.

When asked who’s to blame for their experience she said, “in my opinion there’s no way to place the blame on it’s all on Black Travel Movement.” They haven’t heard from Cummings since July and they haven’t received refunds.