Sherri Shepherd Lamar Sally

Apparently Sherri Shepherd neglected to put a “confidentiality” clause in her pre-nup because her ex-husband Lamar Sally is showing no signs of restraint in talking about the couple’s marriage. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sally opened up on what lead to the his split with Shepherd as well as her desire for him […]

Poor Sherri Shepherd. According to Gary With Da Tea, her surrogate gave birth to a baby boy. But instead of it being a happy occasion,…

Sherri Shepherd may have a few more battles ahead, but she’s won a very important one. Amid the news that her estranged second husband is moving to file in their dispute over their unborn baby born to a surrogate, Shepherd has won her first victory in court. Her ex-husband, Jeff Tarpley, wanted to modify custody […]

  Along with jugging motherhood and a full-time career, Sherri Shepherd is in the midst of two custody battles and a divorce. But, she says her spirit will not be broken. During a recent interview with People magazine, “The View” co-host said she is holding up just fine. “I’m a Chicago girl – I’m a fighter; I’m a survivor,” […]

It was earlier reported Sherri Shepherd and her husband Lamar Sally have filed for divorce. But her husband is asking for a lot out of the divorce. Listen to the audio player to hear the list of what he wants from Sherri. Is he asking for too much? Keep Up With Rickey Smiley On Facebook!

Gary With Da Tea reported Sherri Shepherd and her husband Lamar Sally are filing for divorce. New details about the split has surfaced, and it sounds…