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Sherri Shepherd may have a few more battles ahead, but she’s won a very important one. Amid the news that her estranged second husband is moving to file in their dispute over their unborn baby born to a surrogate, Shepherd has won her first victory in court.

Her ex-husband, Jeff Tarpley, wanted to modify custody of their 9-year-old son, Jeffery Jr. Tarpley claimed Shepherd is an unfit mother and wanted to move the child to L.A. where he is raising two sons with his girlfriend.

However a Los Angeles judge refused to grant Tarpley’s motion, and Shepherd will retain physical custody of their son. The judge, Michelle Williams said, according to documents acquired by, that “there has not been a material change in circumstances.”

It has been a tough year for Shepherd. Her seven-year stint on The View ends in August as did her marriage to second husband Lamar Sally. 

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63 thoughts on “Sherri Shepherd Wins In Court, Retains Physical Custody Of Son [UPDATE]

  1. Never like Sherri glad she’s fire off the view but I do believe her husband saw money bags but she has to take some blame too she was warn by her father not to marry this man sometime we have to take the time to slow down and listen and trust god in all our decision. in life

  2. seriously on said:

    @Think, you are so right! A natural man can never understand spiritual things! Joy is offended because she thinks an natural man is comparable to Jesus…It would be laughable if it wasn’t so so sad. Proof the devil will try to undermind every chance they get…

  3. Aaron on said:

    Its sad that this article got over 50 post but last week the article about the female being beaten by the police had less than 10 post. We need to wake up.

  4. Amber on said:

    I wish Sherrie the best. It is easy for people on the “outside” to judge but Sherrie was living with this man and she knows the deal (NOT US); so I am sure she has her reasons for doing what she is doing. I see that she has won this case and that first husband try to take Jeffery.

  5. Strong Black on said:

    She always has been, and will always be an ignorant, uneducated, poor excuse of a sister. Didn’t practice what she preached about waiting on the right person after a breakup etc. So, move on uncomfortably built Sherrie…such as life.

    • seriously on said:

      There was nothing strong or black about that half educated statement of yours…Sherri in retrospect made a bad choice, in which she is trying and fighting to set straight. She is not the only women or men who finds an taker in their midst. I notice most people who claim “strong” is usually mean-spirited and vicious which is the clear case of weakness. I wish for Sherri the best lawyer and fight she can give and I hope she wins all battles and come back better than ever. Because a lot of times what people do to you, was meant to be for you to move you into the right path of life. You couldn’t possibly understand that…

  6. seriously on said:

    @joy…your stats are wrong and the sad thing is that women like you believe those stats and that is why women like Sherri is in this position.

    Four Myths About Black Marriage by Nadra Kareem Nittle a Harvard grad, with stats to back it up. So African-American women do not have settle nor concern themselves with stereotypes portrayed by the media.

  7. Think on said:

    Is is Think once more. Overlook the typos in my last comments, I was so upset I just started typing and did not proof. I think it’s clear enough to understand what I’m saying. Treat people how you would like to be treated. When God sent Jesus to die on that cross, He had all of us in mind.

  8. Think on said:

    Sorry she maried a gold digger. So sorry she marry a male prost…… The one thing is life that turns me off is a sorry ass man that’s looking for a women money/to take care of them. That makes them really look like a punk and a whole lot of choice words I can say. A man is support to take care of a women. God, there no one like you, thank you for Jesus who is our true and only example of a man! Please help Sherry in this situation because this is really a mess and so unfair. Sherry, keep you head up, just another life lesson, to leave sorry man alone because. We see them coming, I know I have but no more.

    • @Think: I doubt seriously that “Jesus” is the only ” true, and only example of a man”. I’m a female, and I’m offended by your words. Get a grip!!

      • Think on said:

        Well, that’s because you’re not born again. The natural man cannot understand spiritual things. But the sad part about your comment is that you missed the whole point.

  9. Peggy Smith on said:

    They need to let that innocent baby be adopted by a deserving couple who really want a child, not a meal ticket. Someone needs to step in and stop them from getting this baby.

  10. Sally asked for full custody in the divorce papers. Since he wants the baby to himself and the child does not belong to Sheri, she should not have to pay child support. He is a lowlife man who took advantage of her and I hope the court sees right through him.

  11. abmabardy on said:

    “no longer wants the child” ??? It’s a child you agreed to have, not a sweater you changed your mind about. Where are all of those great “moral values” Sheri?

    • Amber on said:

      Sherrie is not the bio mother of that child and I do not blame her one bit in her decision. Since her ex husband want to use that kid to make money off Sherri, let him take care of it. It is his bio kid, not Sherri.

  12. He wanted to fight her on custody, now that she says she wants no part he wants to sue her to acknowledge the child as her own so hmmm I think he just wants to make sure he gets some child support payments.

  13. I feel for Sherry although she did make a commitment to bring a child into this world. Nothing quite like the other x kicking her when she’s down with trying to get her son Jeffrey. Men can be disgusting rodents – nowdays then lean on a woman to not only produce the children but to leave them to go to work so they (the men) can sit on their butts and do nothing. On top of that the men oftentimes remarry a lowlife who is looking for the same handout from the working mom. I could write a book!

  14. Carol on said:

    He needs to man up. I’m not sure if legally she can be held responsible for a baby that isn’t hers, but maybe a token settlement and move on. But, it sounds like all he saw in her was a meal ticket and he needs to grow a set. She needs counseling and help choosing mates obviously. Strike two. PRENUP!!! She needs a great lawyer that can take him down.

  15. pac4me on said:

    When this poor innocent baby becomes of age, he or she will read all about this nonsense. Is anybody thinking about that. This is a sad situation and we wonder why our children have issues – parents create them! As far as changing her mind, women who want to place their children up for adoption are given a “wait & see” period to make sure this is what they want. Birth mothers in some states can drop the babies off at hospitals with no questions asked and Sherri has the right to change her mind about a child that is not hers biologically

    • Sherri appears to be a good person with family in mind. I’m not sure if Sally every saw anything but the chance to be taken care of. The baby idea was properly an make as a unit, but this man saw the apportunity for a come up. This is sad he give the black man a bad look. And now a child will be involved and he or she have no say in this.

  16. omniaquarian on said:

    And this mishegas right here is why all of this alternate conception, “Frankenstein-esque” baby making needs to stop!!! If you cannot have you OWN biological children produced with your OWN eggs and your husband’s / boyfriend’s / whatever’s body-parts, then take that as a sign that YOU weren’t meant to reproduce!! Why people go through all this non-sense when they could easily adopt, is due to their sheer vanity! They feel that they’re sooo great that they just have to create a person – even if its made in a lab somewhere- to show the world how great they [think] they are. I don’t sympathize with any of them; just feel sorry for the baby, cuz it wasn’t supposed to come into the world this way and with all of this non-sense to boot!!!

  17. Darlene on said:

    Unfortunately, he is a gold digger, using a child to secure his future……how sad……../// usually we see this in woman, securing their future by having children with one man after another……so they get that MONEY….but what about the childs welfare…..they need a mother and a father…..not gold diggers……so sad when this happens and in the celeb world this is happening way to often……..its time to make these gold diggers GET A JOB…….AND SUPPORT THEIR CHILDREN AND TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR THEIRSELVES. YOU JUST DON’T FALL OUT OF LOVE OVERNIGHT. This was preplanned…… I HOPE THE JUDGE PUTS THE CHILD UP FOR ADOPTION TO TWO LOVING PARENTS AND RESOLVES THIS ISSUE FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD….NOT IN THE INTEREST OF A GOLD DIGGER……… MR. SALLY….GET A JOB……

  18. Kathryn on said:

    To all those who think Shari should honor this commitment in these circumstances – if it was her egg, yes, but not otherwise. This child should not be saddled with a mom that doesn’t want to be involved. Let Sally take his baby to his new girlfriend and hopefully they will be good parents. Shari made a huge mistake getting involved with this man. Let it be over and maybe she will have learned something from it . Close call Shari.

  19. Diane on said:

    I feel sorry for Sherry because he never loved her. I hope he don’t get away with this scam. He is a sorry piece of shit for a MAN.

  20. seriously on said:

    Good for Sherri! Smart move in that surrogates have the same rights as people who put their child up for adoption…In that they usually have a time period in which they can change their minds. Sally is stupid, he made his move to soon with the divorce should have waited til after the baby was born and Sherri was legally tied as a parent. It is not her child and Sally only options are to take the child and raise and care for it on his own dime, or give Sherri the child and waive all his parental rights. Other than that, she can invoke her legal right to change her mind and that is his problem.

  21. Obviously he scammed her from the beginning. She made poor judgement getting married to a loser like this man. Britney did the same thing with Kevin Federline. Britney Spears has way more money than Sherri Sheppard. . Britney was official taken advantage of by the dirt bag ex-hubby since she had to kids with the scum bag Kevin. The thing is she has the $$$ that it doesn’t matter really. Sherri might be different since she doesn’t have the money Brit has.

    • seriously on said:

      The only one who needs to think about the child is the biological parents…Which is not Sherri and Sally has a choice, he could simply give Sherri the child and waive his parental rights…Afterall, she has more means to take care of it than him….

      The irony is this child is a female, I wonder how Sally would feel if a man was doing this to his daughter.

  22. I don’t ever agree with SS but I’m taking her side this time. Rare I know. She should not be forced to support his biological child and not hers. If they were still married, and he was smart enough to dump her, it is his responsibility to support and care for his baby.

    • Leslie Devol on said:

      The bottom line is…as a married couple they chose to bring a baby into the world…together….what is this precious little baby going to think when she grows up…..”mom kicked me to the curb..because I am technically not hers” …give me a break ..they chose to create this life….now BOTH need to honor this precious life…….it is not just about “them”…they need to think of this baby…the life they chose together…..Love the child more than you hate each other…….grow up….and be responsible….

    • I agree with you Diane. The only reason why this bum wants her to agree with the surrogate arrangement is not for the interest of the child, it’s in the interest of him getting some of her money. Let him get off of his worthless behind and get a job so he can take care of his baby.Maybe, he can move in with the first ex, they both seem to be money hungry jerks.

  23. You can usually tell when someone is deep in love with their partner, and in Sally’s case I never saw that. It’s pretty clear that he was just using her. However, Sherri does talk waaay too much in the form of divulging her personal business. As for The View….they need to bring on some classy Black women as co-hosts. For starters they could bring back Star Jones because Star is very intelligent, and Jackie Reid would also be an excellent choice.

  24. This is where and why it is important to marry up. He only made $30,000 the year before they married and most of it was from unemployment. Girl you better do like Oprah, sex him, love him but keep everything separate by never marrying him. He knew that you probably had an iron clad prenup but judges are quicker to make parents pay child support. Sweetie, he probably saw you coming.

    • @Tsi: I hear yeah on the marrying up. However I have a couple of friends where their spouse doesn’t make a lot of money; but they are pretty happy in their marriage. On the flip side I know some ladies that married for $$$, and they are miserable as H. Don’t get me wrong; money counts a lot….but money isn’t the end all, and be all.

    • seriously on said:

      Tsi, so right!…Only African-American women are being told to marry down as to say take what you can get and like it…Because quiet frankly, I rather be heart broke than broke broke. If you rate list of things people would want to be, I sure poor is just above sick and death. I say women hold out for the best, which includes financial stability and growth. Let the losers live off love and imagination.

      • @seriously: Seriously (pun intended) statistically speaking word is that approximately 70% of Black women aren’t married; including a huge number that have never been married, and the outlook of them getting married in the future is slim to none. I’m not trying to be negative. In fact I think it’s a sad state of affairs that more Black men aren’t willing to get married. My bigger point is that it doesn’t make any difference if the man is wealthy, or broke as H…..the prospect of marriage for a lot of Black females is pretty grime

  25. Someone needs to start a campaign to get Jackie Reid on The View. If nothing else we should all voice our vote of confidence for Jackie on The View’s Facebook page.

    • Think on said:

      Why, so you can criticize and find fault with everything she says just like you doing here and probably spend a lot of your time doing this all day. People are entitled to their opinions and how they see things just like you are.

  26. TigerLily on said:

    I hate to see anyone go through such an ordeal but I believe that Sherri should be made to honor her surrogate contract. At the end of the day, it is the child who will be most impacted by her decision to walk away and he/she does not deserve to be slighted because the adults in her life have decided to call it quits. If I were the surrogate I surely would be disappointed in Sherri

  27. Margie Crippen on said:

    I like Sherri and do believe her husbands are gigalos. only after what (money) she can give them;. what losers. Hopefully Sherri will win in court to get whatever she wants for a change.

  28. The whole thing is really sad but Sherri signed the Agreement so she is probably going to lose the case with the second husband and have to support the child. As far as the first husband, he’s a pig. Sherri needs to take a break from marriage and concentrate on her son and getting her life on track.

  29. Did Mr. Sally marry Sherri for love or did he only see $$. It seem that all he want is how much child support he can get from Sherri after the baby come into this world. If the sperm is just his and not both then please Sally get over it you are due nothing.

  30. Timekeeper on said:

    I see a lot of double standards here. Women do this to men all of the time, and we (society) expect men to simply pay up without question even when we know they have been taken for a ride. I see tis kind of female sympathy for Sherri but noen for the brothers who get taken for a ride ( if that is even the case)No one should have to go thru what she is going thru, but what is happening to her, happens to men all of the time. So the next time you say “You Go Girl! cause she rips somebody off, maybe you will be more objective.

    • seriously on said:

      I see you have serious problems with male/female relationships..But you are wrong, If it was a male is Sherri place, I would replace Sherri name with his name….easily…

      I do not do double standards, a wrong is a wrong and no one is saying women do not do this everyday to man and he should call her bluff and flip the script on her too…Get full custody and have her waive her paternity rights or take the child yourself and her dollar and raise it without him…That is what I would tell him too.

  31. redbone1954 on said:

    I am not a fan of Sherri either but i do feel that she is being raked over the coals looks like these two got together and doubled teamed her sorry for anyone going through all thias drama but I am wondering if any judge will make her adhere to the surrogate agreement hat was in place. Hopefully next time she will (if she marries again) not be running around talking about “we found a drama free uterus”. Hopefully she will find a drama free mate first and we all know that that is really not possible. good luck girl maybe you should be still for a minute

  32. Richard on said:

    She’s the black Sarah Palin that deserve all the adversity she going through right now. She is stupid, idiotic and clueless who doe not deserve any sympathy at all.

    • Cynic13 on said:

      I would say that you are closer to Sarah Palin than Sherri – given your poor grammar and lack of spelling ability.

  33. Jackie on said:

    You know what, I don’t care for Sherri Shepard, but I believe he played her and as soon as they agreed to a surrogate then he decided to leave her and claim she is an unfit mother and that she should pay for child support for the unborn child, even though it is not Sherri’s and also for their son. He already has another girlfriend and two other sons from a previous relationship and he wants money from Sherri to pay for all of them. No judge should allow this to happen.

  34. The whole thing is sicken. Not a fan of Sherri, but it’s clear that both men are trying to take advantage of her. Maybe she’ll learn to keep her big mouth closed on TV about her personal family business. Sally married her for a life time meal ticket. Hope neither of these loser get a penny. Sherri stay SINGLE, NO MORE MARRIAGES.

  35. The kid is NOT hers. It is his and his alone. There is a divorce in place. If there marriage had survived, then Sherri would have had to be held to her surrogate agreement, but not now. He only wants to be free of Sherri, his wants full custody of his kid, and he wants Sherri to pay him child support for 18 years, is he out of his blasted mind???????????

  36. I hope hubby wins and she has to pay big, big bucks. Not once does she think of this child. She is nothing but a loud mouthed bimbo. I wish they would fire her from the Newlywed Game too. She is disgusting.

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