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Apparently Sherri Shepherd neglected to put a “confidentiality” clause in her pre-nup because her ex-husband Lamar Sally is showing no signs of restraint in talking about the couple’s marriage.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sally opened up on what lead to the his split with Shepherd as well as her desire for him to stay at home and how the former “The View” host seemingly had no knowledge of the state of her finances.

Below are highlights from Sally’s Daily Mail a/k/a Mail Online interview:

On why they split:

‘To this day, I cannot pinpoint one thing that caused us to split up,’ he tells MailOnline. ‘Honestly I do not know what happened. No one was cheating, we didn’t fight much and we didn’t have money problems.’

On why he took control of Sherri’s finances:

“But what was really shocking to me was that she didn’t know her salary! When we decided to get married we started to discuss our finances, our bills and how we were going to run the household. So I asked her how much money does she make on ‘The View’ and she said she didn’t know!

‘That blew me away. I asked her, “OK, but you had to sign your W-2 for taxes, what did they say?” and she said she didn’t know, that she just signed them.

‘Sherri has a business manager, who paid all of her bills for her so she had no idea how much was coming in or how much was going out. After we got married that all changed. I made sure the bills were paid on time and I kept Sherri up to speed on what was going on.

‘I was upset about this so I made her sit down and watch the regular series ‘American Greed’ on TV so she could see how easily people can get ripped off.

‘I wanted her to be more responsible and aware of the household finances. I am very good with money, I have always put myself on a budget so it was irritating to me that she doesn’t take care of business. When we got married I ran the house and put my own career on hold.”

His claims that Sherri wanted a househusband:

“She wanted me to be happy being a house-husband, but when I told her I needed to work for my own sanity she got angry.

‘Sherri didn’t understand why I didn’t want to just stay at home and take care of the kids, Jeffrey and the new baby on the way.

‘She even talked to our friends about it, asking what was wrong with me, why I wouldn’t be happy just being at home while she worked.”

On the divorce proceedings:

“Out of the blue, Sherri asked for a divorce while we were at a session with the therapist. She said she didn’t think she could be the kind of wife I needed her to be. ‘But I thought she was just in one of her moods and would change her mind in a couple of days, like she does everything else. ‘There were times when Sherri wanted us to work on projects together and then the very next day she would change her mind and say, ‘NO! I don’t want to work with you.’

‘This went on throughout our marriage, one day she’s on and the next she’s off. So when she asked for a divorce I just left it alone and expected her to say she didn’t mean it and let’s get back to work. ‘I stayed in the house for another two weeks and we were going along like nothing had changed.

‘But then I found out through some friends that Sherri had hired two attorneys and was getting ready to file for divorce.

‘I was shocked, never saw it coming and I was really hurt and confused — still am.”

In addition to his relationship with Shepherd, Sally admitted that he ended up on welfare after the split in light of Shepherd’s name not being on the birth certificate of their child. As a result, the baby is not on Shepherd’s insurance, which forced Sally to go on Medi-cal, California’s welfare program for infant’s health insurance.

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93 thoughts on “Lamar Sally Details Life with Sherri Shepherd; Why He’s On Welfare

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  3. Can’t stand this brain dead, arrogant, conceited big mouthed woman. Hope this guy takes her to the cleaners. If not him the woman who had the kid they both agreed on. She is a lousy mother, wife, host and she ruined The Newlywed Game for me. I wouldn’t watch anything she is on… that goes for a bunch more of these bird brained people on talk shows.

  4. Beachlady on said:

    Why do you assume HE is lying ??? I believe every word he says. I have seen her on the View and Sherri is all about herself and that’s all.


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    It’s onn a comlletely different topic butt it haas preetty muchh
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  7. Sheri has already said part of the problem was Sally wouldn’t get a job. ( She said this before the divorce) He is lying big time. Yes, he took over the finances so he could use her money. What a pathetic loser. He should take the high road like Sheri and be gracious.

  8. Wow… Sherri really chose wrong this time! No real man would air his dirty laundry like this. Get a job and keep it movin’! Bye, Fillipe!!

  9. Excuse me, but just because you say it doesn’t make it the truth. Quit airing your dirty laundry, and man up and get a job. Sorry-a&&*@ loser!

  10. This man is a joke of a person! I do not believe one word that comes out of his mouth, I don’t care for Sherri much but do believe her, I know she wanted to get married and have another child with the right person, boy did this guy turn out to be the wrong guy! First of all if you had any dignity you wouldn’t be giving these type of interviews and spouting out about your personal life, the only reason he is doing it is probably to get money which says, once again, a lot about him. LOSER!

  11. I read Lamar’s story about Sherri and it sounds credible but also shocking that she didn’t know her salary i was wondering could she be bipolar and not know it?? But the truth will be told once they hash it out in court but that little boy is a cutie pie.But Lamar needs to stop having a woe is me party and not wait around for Sherri’s money, what ever the courts decide that she should pay in child support may not be a whole lot since she does not have that money the view was paying her anymore, and stand up comedy and small roles in movies here and there want compensate for that.

  12. There’s two sides to every story and I will bet Lamar is coloring his side in his favor. Sherri hasn’t said much. Good for her. The truth is probably something less Sherri’s fault than Lamar wants everyone to believe. He looks to be going after money. Go get a job Lamar.

  13. funny story n embarrassing as well. I bet she feels embarrassed after reading this article. The state of both their minds to make the decision to be together.

  14. Gennis Kidder on said:

    Poor Lamar! That crazy bitch wanted you to be a house husband and you agreed to it! Question though? Why are you in California getting Medi-ca;? I thought that beautiful home you lived in was back east, New York or Conn? Jeffrey goes to school there. Doesn’t New York provide Medi-cal or are you just a lying, lazy ass, out to get some money? If you are as smart as you say you can get a job in finance any where! You need a new story! This one doesn’t ring true.

  15. My heart breaks for him. Sherri and him both planned this baby and Sherri totally abandoned this baby, who has no fault in anything they did.

    I use to like Sherri but her behavior is atrocious. I was a single mom, I had two little babies and had to work and I NEVER saw my kids. EVER. I left the house at 5A and, MANY TIMES, didn’t get home until midnight. I had to hire a live-in nanny because it wasn’t fair to have my mom watch them 24/7. I don’t know if I made the right decision.

    My heart is stuck on this baby. Sherri needs to step up and take care of the baby. Obviously, she is a jerk and doesn’t want her son… whoever, she better step up and care for this child. It’s unfair that she has the money to take care of the baby HOWEVER, she prefers that WE, the public, supports the baby. MESSED UP.

    • Gail, is it really fair to say you don’t like someone, you don’t even know, anymore based on hearsay? It is sad for the baby. I understand it from a child’s point of view as my parents separated when I was 4, and my 3 siblings and I were raised by our mom. Children deserve their mother and father. Women can’t teach boys how to be men and men can’t teach girls how to be women. For all we know, he could be purposely keeping her from the baby. Truth of the matter is, the only person talking about the divorce is Lamar Sally, who appears to be doing a mediocre job at slandering Sherri’s name and character. If she were so bad do you really think, as a loving father, he would really want her to be mother to this child? He is painting her out to be unfit, unstable and dumb. Like he is the stable one who is good w/money and that she wanted him to be the primary caretaker. Could this interview be part of his ploy to justify why he should receive child/spousal support? Could this be a ploy to tug at the hearts of potential jurors? If Mr. Sally is really concerned about his son, he will stop talking. One day he will realize one day his son will grow up and begin to question him on why he is saying these things about the woman he wants to be the child’s mother.

  16. Quit the pity party Lamar get a job and take care of your responsibilities, I hate a man who wants free rides. Be a real man, you bum.

  17. He is lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has just found out that he ain’t gonna get any money and has no rights!!!!!! Now he has to make money “By Any Means Necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  18. Sheri said she came home and there were strange women, single women, sitting in her living room one day when she arrived home un announced. Sal didn’t know that Sherri was coming home. And she also said she had been missing money, so Sal is lying. Sherri knew how much money she was making and how much money was being spent. I think he wanted to be a house husband. She made it before she met and married him. He just needs to focus on himself. He knows why they are divorcing. Sherri said he was cheating on her and he was going thru her money. Sherri’s first husband cheated on her, too. Sherri doesn’t put up with cheating. Period.

    • I don’t understand why he would say Sherri didn’t know how much she was making…maybe she didn’t want to tell HIM, but she knew! We know!! The contracts these stars sign to be on these shows are always talked about in the media, so if we knew of course she knew! And as for him not being able to work and afford health care…dude you are 43 yrs old :/ REALLY??? Get a JOB!!! with benefits! Problem solved! All the connects Sherri has that he probably encountered. Let’s be real about it…he is looking for the big pay day, end of story!

  19. He is really pathetic. No way was this women not aware of how much Barbara Walters was paying HER and he came in on his silver steed to save her finances. This women had to deal with a divorce before which means she knows how this goes and she had to make sure her finances were in check so that first husband couldn’t do exactly what Lamar is trying to do and so she and Jeffrey would have a solid future with or without a husband! If Sheri had died and he wasn’t in the will would he be trying to contest that to squeeze money from her estate?? Lamar Sally needs to man up and move on and stop continuously trying to take this women’s money so he can have a free ride with HIS new baby! GET A JOB LOWLIFE AND RAISE YOUR NEW BABY! SHERI SHEPARD NEEDS TO SEEK SOME THERAPY AND STOP TRYING TO PUT A MAN INTO HER LIFE BEFORE SHE KNOWS ENOUGH ABOUT HIM!

  20. 3 words…mcdonald’s is hiring…there is no reason why anyone should be drawing welfare and if they are they should be REQUIRED to do 30 hours of community service a week and it should be for public works cleaning sides of roads, city parks, shelters, public bathrooms etc…you would be surprised how fast people find jobs…if they refuse stop all aid and take the kids away…parents didn’t teach personal responsibility so now society has to

  21. I seriously agree with Lamar Sally. Shepherd was so madly in love when she was engaged to him three years ago but, and that didn’t last. Sherri’s fame went to her head and she was always flirting with young black men on the show. Sherri wanted to be like J-Lo or Beyoncé and have men drool over her. Shepherd is a dumb clueless tramp who is always want’s attention from men and she is gross.

  22. This “man” is a pathetic loser. Get off your big behind and find yourself a freaking job.Stop looking for the state or better yet Sherrie to take care of your lazy whining ass. The baby is yours to take care of, so do so.Boo-Hooing about how Sherrie didn’t want your greedy hands on her finances, I guess she was smart about not allowing this and dumb for falling in love for this clownish con artist.

  23. lamar, what you are is a big lazy man who lives off a woman’s hard earned money. now why would she tells you how much she makes? i would never tell a man how much money i have in the bank, how much i make and my own bills.

    if you think i will feel sorry for you, you got it coming. get off your fat lazy ass out of government’s welfare distribution list. For this man to go on the record and tell all about his welfare history YOU HAVE NO SHAME! i don’t blame her a bit for divorcing you. any woman who has common sense will get the heck out some loser’s live like you. phewwwwww

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