Russ Rant

Russ Parr breaks down why Jussie Smollett can NOT be recognized as a martyr.

In today's "Russ Rant," the boss man gives his unfiltered opinion on that failed "Justice for J6" rally and questions the white privilege of the boyfriend in Gabby Petito's missing person case that may soon be labeled a homicide now that a body was found.

As a current free agent, could NFL star Cam Newton's stance on "keeping it real" be the thing keeping him out of the league?

The latest "Russ Rant" calls out United States Senator Lindsey Graham for being quite the hypocrite when it comes to his stance on getting vaccinated.

Russ Parr is back to ranting for the right reasons, this time questioning why kids are being sent back to schools this week that refuse to enforce mask mandates in order to protect against the further spread of COVID-19.

Russ Parr is back for another one of his now-infamous "Russ Rants," and he's got a special bone to pick with Fox News political correspondent Tucker Carlson — and yes, he definitely meant to add that "butt" at the beginning of the title!

Our guy Russ Parr is back with another one of his infamous rants — call them "Russ Rants," if you will — and his latest target is none other than Florida governor Ron DeSantis. 

Russ Parr dedicated his latest "Russ Rant" to clearing the air on a recent issue that made a handful of his followers feel "vaccine-shamed." However, he made it very clear that his apology was not a means to backtrack on his mission of informing all Black people to get vaccinated.

Are we in the Olympics of racism? Watch Russ rant about a racial observation he noticed over on Arizona Republican Wendy Rogers’ Twitter feed.

Russ Parr seems to be sick of President Joe Biden's outdated policies when it comes to marijuana use in the workplace, and he let his feelings be known with yet another classic "Russ Rant."

Senator Ron Johnson is being called to the carpet by Russ Parr for being a hypocrite! Just last year he blocked Juneteenth from being celebrated as an official holiday in Wisconsin. Now this year he’s being accused of jumping on the Juneteenth bandwagon and still got booed!  Watch the #RussRant below! Follow The Russ Parr […]