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Russ Rant: A Tribute To Lt. Colonel Thomas Parr III And What Veterans Day Should Mean

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Russ Rant

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Many across America celebrated Veterans Day last week, and the occasion reminded Russ of his late dad, Lt. Colonel Thomas Parr III, who sadly passed away over the summer.

That’s why today’s “Russ Rant” was made in special tribute to the dearly missed veteran, and to shed light on why more like him deserve their flowers.


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Some moments proved to be rougher than others for Russ as he recalled the handful of services that his dad provided to this country without so much as receiving the simple respect of a salute. However, being able to tell even a brief part of his dad’s story on the air is what matters and ultimately what will honor the late lieutenant’s legacy the most.


Listen to today’s “Russ Rant” on The Russ Parr Show above, and we send a salute to all the veterans out there.