Reflect with us on award show history with these 10 unforgettable hosts who represented for the Black community on their respective stages.

We pay tribute to 20 of the best Black comedians in the biz over the years in honor of the countless times they've kept us in stitches.

A Pryor biopic was set to be made in 2016 starring Mike Epps, Oprah and Eddie Murphy but never made it off the ground.


Paul Mooney’s sons Daryl and Dwayne Mooney, have come forward to deny allegations that their father sexually violated the son of late comedian Richard Pryor. Daryl and Dwayne, who are also comedians, spoke to Comedy Hype about the claims from Pryor’s former bodyguard Rashon Kahn. In a recently published video featuring Kahn, he said Richard and Paul’s personal and […]


Paul Mooney is retreating from public amid the bombshell allegation that the molested Richard Pryor’s son when he was a teenager. According to TMZ, the owner of the Atlanta Comedy Theater has offered full refunds to those who were expecting to attend the show last night. He also gave away free tickets for future shows. RELATED: Richard Pryor […]


Earlier today, reports surfaced about allegations against comedian Paul Mooney and the claim that he sexually violated Richard Pryor’s son, Richard Pryor Jr. WARNING: Graphic language Pryor’s former bodyguard, Rashon Kahn, made the allegations, saying that Pryor, Sr. at one point had a $1M bounty on Mooney because of it. Pryor Jr.’s  stepmother, Jennifer Pryor, […]

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Ever since Quincy Jones‘ Vulture interview set the Internet ablaze, folks have been fact checking the music legend’s surprising statements. One particular story caused major discussion when Quincy suggested actor Marlon Brando had sex with Richard Pryor.  Richard’s widow, Jennifer Lee, even confirmed the statement as true. However, now Richard’s daughter — fellow comedian Rain Pryor — is […]

She has serious words for Quincy Jones and her father's widow.

2/8/18- Quincy Jones had a juicy interview with Vulture that spilled all the tea on celebrities like Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando and Jones himself saying he dated Ivanka Trump! Everyone mad with him but Chris Paul thinks DonaldTrump has to be the angriest out of everybody! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST […]

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  Richard Pryor is, without doubt, one of the most influential stand-up comics of all time and was an inspiration to Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Mike Epps and others. Pryor would have been 76 today after his life was cut tragically short in 2005. Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor was born in Peoria, Ill. and […]


PEORIA, Ill. (AP) — A central Illinois community center where Richard Pryor made his first performance as a child has received $19,000 from the late comedian. The (Peoria) Journal Star reports that the George Washington Carver Community Center in Peoria is getting the money from the state’s unclaimed cash program. The comedian had donated $100,000 […]


Mike Epps and Oprah Winfrey are suddenly without a director for their Richard Pryor biopic. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Lee Daniels has exited the project, blaming his “busy schedule.” His current slate includes EP work on Fox’s “Empire, and the upcoming drama “Star,” which requires even more time commitment. The Weinstein Co., which […]