The death certificate for recently deceased Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier has officially revealed what caused his passing, which is reportedly due to a combined diagnosis of heart failure, Alzheimer's dementia and a battle with prostate cancer. 


The 66-year-old Roker said he wants to take viewers and America on his journey to educate them about prostate cancer, getting screened early and how his battle will go.

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The American Cancer Society recently reported a drop in the overall cancer death rate in the U.S., with an overall 29% decline in cancer deaths from 1991 to 2017. This resulted in 2.9 million fewer deaths over this span. This decline was mainly attributable to progress in the four most common cancers: lung, colorectal, breast and prostate […]

Prostate cancer is a cancer that affects men all over the world. But, it’s not usually talked about openly. Dr. Freda Lewis Hall Chief Patient Officer at Pfizer came on the TJMS to let us know some of the most important things about Prostate cancer. How common is it?  In men, and in particular African […]

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. What is prostate cancer and how many people does it affect? Prostate cancer is a cancer that occurs in the prostate – a small gland located under the bladder that starts as a walnut-sized gland early in life and grows over time. The gland produces components of the […]

This month is National Minority Health month and Harry Lennix is working with The Prostate Cancer Foundation to raise awareness through their “Know The Numbers” campaign. Lennix tells the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew that this campaign is personal for him because in the early 90s he had a friend who died from the disease. […]

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African-American men have the highest risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as dying from it compared to any other ethnic group in the U.S. This trend has remained unchanged for over four decades. Although research has focused on identifying the biological differences that may lead to this difference, there’s growing evidence that distinct racial and […]

NBA star Grant Hill retired years ago but he’s still involved in the basketball world. He’s part owner of the Atlanta Hawks and they have partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to participate in their “Black History Month Assist Challenge.” Black men 76% more likely to develop Prostate Cancer and Hill believes it’s simply because […]

Dr. Eric Griggs, or “Doc Griggs” as he’s called, is a New Orleans based community medicine doctor and health educator. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and Tulane University School of Medicine. His mantra is “Get checked. Get fit. Get moving!” Charlie Hill is a retired executive vice president, human resources for Landmark […]

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At some point in time, all men should be tested for prostate cancer. While healthcare professionals recommend getting regular screenings beginning at the age of 50, African-American men, who have higher rates of prostate cancer than any other ethnic group, should consider getting screenings as early as age 40, especially if they have a family […]

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As men grow older, it is more likely that they will develop an issue with their prostates, according to Harvard Medical School, and one of the most critical issues men can face when it comes to their prostates is prostate cancer. Research shows that one in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in […]

Dr. Stacy Loeb is an assistant professor of urology and population health at New York university (NYU) specializing in prostate cancer and is one of the prostate cancer foundation’s funded young investigators.   Dr. Loeb is an internationally recognized expert in prostate cancer with more than 285 peer-reviewed published articles and 11 book chapters.        […]