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Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Drake, Selena Gomez, Janelle Monáe—many of the artists on the charts today are young and multicultural – just like their fans. Millennials are more racially and ethnically diverse than any previous generation in the U.S.—40% identify as African-American, Asian American or Hispanic. This young and diverse generation makes up 24 % of […]


Nielsen understands your consumer habits. What does this mean exactly? Nielsen is a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch, buy and listen to. We measure your consumer trends – how and where you shop, what media you watch, your smartphone usage, and much more We provide this valuable information to companies […]


Conscious Consumers are responsible shoppers, willing to research the companies that they do business with, understand their influence and are willing to be a social change agent to better their communities. Savvy and sophisticated African-Americans are a powerful economic force representing a whopping $1.1 Trillion buying power in the U.S. Black consumers have unique purchasing […]

If you want to find out more about African-Americans and their viewing habits and what kinds of entertainment they consume and when and why, you can turn to Nielsen, the company that keeps track of that kind of information. Everyone has heard of Nielsen ratings, which most forms of media now use to register how […]

The African-American woman is a trendsetter, a social maven, the head of her household, a leader in business and community. She is progressive with her thoughts on health, entertainment and diversity in advertising. She is becoming more empowered with saving, spending and investments. Religion plays a strong role providing a foundation for her decisions and […]

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Black viewers are becoming increasingly important in the daytime television landscape, according to The Hollywood Reporter. With total viewers of “Live With Kelly and Michael” up nearly 15 percent over the prior year, part of that boost is thanks to the arrival of Michael Strahan, who attracted more men 35-to-54 (up 17 percent) and lifted […]

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Have I told you how much I love being part of the cutting edge research of the latest and greatest in technology and how consumer trends and behaviors impact that technology; or how much I especially love sharing that knowledge with you? It is empowering to know that our tech savvy world we live in […]


I have a black belt in retail therapy, so I was thrilled when I first saw Nielsen’s new in-depth report, “Brick by Brick: The State of the Shopping Center,” because it confirms two very important things: our economy is growing stronger because jobs are being created and money is being spent; and as consumers, we […]

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It’s Award Season! And so far what a season it’s been. Kelly Rowland was stunning in her gown during the 55th Grammy Awards, which LL Cool J hosted, while more than 28 million viewers tuned in. But surprisingly that’s not as many as the 40 million who watched the previous year. How can that be […]

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Are you a Zero-TV household?  No, I don’t mean restricting the kids’ TV viewing to the weekends or until after they’ve completed homework.  I mean – do you watch TV the traditional way or on any of the growing techy options available to us?  So many of us are watching video content on our phones, […]

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Did you know that tens of thousands of new products are introduced to consumer markets around the world every year? It could be a new flavor of ice cream, a fancy new electronic gadget or the latest shade of red lipstick that not only moisturizes, but practically stays on for life. Then poof! You turn […]

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As I write, Chaka Khan’s empowering “I’m Every Woman” loops in my head – like a soundtrack. (By the way, have you seen her lately? All slim, trim and more fabulous than ever).  It’s Women’s History Month and the lyrics to that iconic anthem should be resonating with all women, and those who love us, […]