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When it comes to advertising, cultural identity is closely linked to Blacks’ affinity for products and purchasing behavior. Compared to the general population, African-Americans are 30% more likely to believe diversity in advertising is important, and 38% are more likely to make a purchase when the advertisements have African-American people included.

Forty-four percent of African-Americans surveyed said they are more likely to purchase or support products that are owned or supported by African-Americans or other diverse groups, and 43% are more likely to patronize a business if it is a minority-owned business. Twenty percent of Blacks attest to being more likely to purchase a product supported or endorsed by an African-American celebrity or musician. The importance of cultural identity continues to be more significant to higher income households in the areas of business ownership and celebrity endorsements. Fifty-five percent of Blacks with household incomes of $50,000 or more said they would purchase or support a product if it was sold or supported by a person of color or minority-owned business, while only 20% of non-African-Americans in the same income bracket felt this way. Furthermore, nearly half of all higher income African-Americans say they actively seek out diverse businesses.

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