Let’s Get Social!


For African-Americans, social media sites offer a digital megaphone for discussing trends, politics, movies, and music – a place to voice opinions and join conversations on a range of topics. Increasingly, social platforms are growing with this connected and engaged audience. African-Americans of all ages connect and engage with social media. There is considerable variance in how the different age groups interact with social media: Facebook is most popular with 45-64 year-olds, Tumblr is most popular with 35-44 year-olds and African-American Millennials spend 11% more time on Twitter than 35-64 year-olds combined.

Blacks feel stronger about using social media and its impact on products and brands than the general market. African-Americans are 81% more likely to show support for a favorite company or brand using social media than the general population, and 76% more likely to share opinions by posting reviews and ratings online.



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