Sadly, we must report that Mario‘s mother Shawntia Hardaway has passed away. The singer took to Instagram to announce the news. “Your soul lives forever beside mine,” Mario captioned. “We love you Shawntia Hardaway. I love you eternally.” https://www.instagram.com/p/BU25vXfgcKT/ Unfortunately we don’t have any specific details of her death, but Mario has always spoken frankly […]

PRESS PLAY: Mario “Fatal Attraction” Mario’s latest release “Fatal Attraction” follows in the footsteps of his Nicki Minaj assisted single “Somebody Else.” The “Evolve” track…

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Celebrity celibacy is on the rise.  First LisaRaye fessed to being celibate and now R&B singer Mario says that he too practiced celibacy for a year.  Mario says he chose celibacy to strengthen his spirit.  And after a year I bet his spirit was strong enough to chop wood.  But I salute all of you […]