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Sadly, we must report that Marios mother Shawntia Hardaway has passed away. The singer took to Instagram to announce the news.

“Your soul lives forever beside mine,” Mario captioned. “We love you Shawntia Hardaway. I love you eternally.”

Unfortunately we don’t have any specific details of her death, but Mario has always spoken frankly about his mother’s addiction to heroin.

In October 2007, Mario starred in a MTV documentary I Won’t Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom, in which the son tries his best to help his mother beat her addiction.

Here’s a clip from that show:

Yet despite his love and unwavering dedication to his mother, their relationship wasn’t without turbulence. In October 2010, Mario was charged with second-degree assault after he allegedly pushed her. He was arrested when his mother called police and told them that Mario was in their home “throwing and damaging property.”

At the time, TMZ reported that Baltimore cops found several broken items inside the apartment and a hole in the closet door. Mario was eventually arrested for 2nd degree assault, but he was released from a local Baltimore jail on $50,000 bond. About a month later, Hardaway dropped the charges.

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