Celebrity celibacy is on the rise.  First LisaRaye fessed to being celibate and now R&B singer Mario says that he too practiced celibacy for a year.  Mario says he chose celibacy to strengthen his spirit.  And after a year I bet his spirit was strong enough to chop wood.  But I salute all of you out there who choose to practice celibacy as well as all of you married men who had the choice made for you.

Rapper DMX has filed for bankruptcy stating that he’s up to $10 million dollars in debt plus he owes $1.2 million in back child support.  Yikes.  Y’all let him drink, let him drink.

A sexy recording made by Monica Lewinsky has been found after 15 years.  This tape was thought to have been lost, but now we get to hear Monica Lewinsky in her own words talking to her lover Bill Clinton.  Here now is an exclusive excerpt of the Monica Lewinsky recording.

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