1. 2. Nick Nolte Mugshot for swerving into oncoming traffic.

2. 3. David Cassidy was charged with DUI for weaving down a Florida Turnpike.

3. 4. Matthew McConaughey for violating the noise ordinance.

4. 6. Mario got in a little spat with mom. She has a history with abusing drugs.

5. 7. Cedric Benson was intoxicated while boating, flying, flying off the handle.

6. 8. Marilyn Manson was arrested for criminal sexual conduct during his concert.

7. 9. Robert Downey, Jr. has certainly had his share of mug shots over the years.

8. 10. Haley Joel Osment was charged with a DUI in Los Angles.

9. 11. Chad Ochocinco / Chad Johnson was arrested over the weekend for head-butting his new bride. (Photo: AP)

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