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Tristan Thompson might as well become the next host of 'Cheaters' at the rate that he gets caught creeping on baby momma and now ex-girlfriend Khloé Kardashian. 

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Lamar Odom is opening up about his relationship with his new girlfriend, 32-year-old personal trainer Sabrina Parr. In a recent interview with Gary With The Tea on Dish Nation, the former NBA star was asked about his new romance with a Black woman, who seems to be his first real relationship following his highly publicized marriage […]

The highly anticipated two-part finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” will address Jordyn Woods’ alleged hook up with Khloe Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson. “Everyone has their truth and their story, so you just go with it,” Jordyn, 21, said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Monday in response to the KUWTK trailer. “Everyone has the right to speak their […]

As pro-lifers continue to protest the restrictive abortion laws that are rolling out across the nation,Lamar Odom wants y’all to know that he’s had thousands of sexual encounters over the years, many of which resulted in unwanted pregnancies that he paid to terminate. “I would f—k five or six girls a week, but my demons tormented […]

O.J. Simpson’s former manager is shopping a documentary that explores the theory that the former NFL star “didn’t act alone” when he allegedly murdered Nicole Brown and her friend, Ronald Goldman over two decades ago. Simpson “had at least one accomplice,” Norman Pardo told the New York Post’s Page Six. As we previously reported, Pardo has been […]

Lamar Odom opened up about a lot in his new memoir! He talks about his family, addiction issues and relationships. One relationship he revealed shocked us all….he dated Taraji P. Henson shortly before marrying Khloe Kardashian. He says his connection with Henson was the strongest bond he’d ever felt with a Black woman. HEAD BACK […]

Loni Love hit up Twitter to set a few thing straight after a fiery segment on “The Real” that had many viewers slamming her for being all up in her feelings over Khloe Kardashian’s cheating scandal. Love addressed the heated moment between her and the co-hosts about Jordyn Woods allegedly creepin’ with Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson. “I’m never […]

Meagan Good appears in photo of Khloe Kardashian holding her on a leash.

“Take your medicine and tell your truth.” Jordyn Woods‘s family ties are more than just being a best friend to Kylie Jenner. Before she was even born, her father and Will Smith became friends as he worked on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the wake of the scandal that occurred between her, Tristan Thompson […]

Now that Tristan Thompson is out of Khloe Kardashian‘s life after his recent cheating scandal. Huggy has a message for Lamar Odom, it’s his time to shine! Lamar can get back in there and it’ll be “operation tall step daddy.” He’s sure Khloe will take Lamar back because you know what they say, “once you […]