A New Orleans man was arrested on suspicion of making a bomb threat after telling a restaurant manager that he was about to blow the place up. He told police that he was referring to using the restroom. But the restaurant employees and police took his threat seriously. He is expected to appear before a […]

Ignorant News correspondent Damon Williams reports on, Dwayne White, a Florida police officer, was arrested after he was suspected of selling drugs. White wasn’t only selling drugs, but he used his own phone, was in uniform and in his squad car while selling. Officer White was charged with selling a controlled substance. HEAD BACK TO […]

How mad do you have to be to fly a plane into your own house? Well, this man was that mad. After he was arrested on suspicion of assault, as a result of a domestic dispute, he went to get an airplane. He worked at a small airport and took a small plane which he […]


A car burst into flames when a suspended drunken driver crashed into the back of an SUV. After the man was safely out of the vehicle he ran back to the burning car to light his cigarette, reports Fox 40. Robert Quigley, 25, allegedly crashed into the back of an SUV that was stopped on […]

Thieves tried to pull off an elaborate heist at a Walmart store. The pair were in the electronics department and claimed to be Walmart employees from a different location. They were caught by an alert employee before they could get away with anything . Damon thinks they were caught because they forgot their khakis. READ […]

A waitress’ car was broken into, but in a crazy turn of events the things that were stolen wound up back in her hands. A 66-year-old woman is facing charges after shooting at her 46-year-old son following a disagreement about the whereabouts of her cell phone. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN UP FOR OUR […]

04/08/14 – Comedian Damon Williams delivers this week’s seriously ignorant news. The stories are even more head-shaking this go round. Check out more inside and find out just how clever a thief was at a Kohl’s department store and a homeless man who calls the police on a family lounging in the park…yeah, you’ll want […]