BET fires back at homophobic claims by Lil Nas X to give some sort of explanation behind why he wasn't nominated at the 2022 BET Awards.

Cardi B let it be known that she supports the LGBTQIA community with a tweet that denounced homophobic people as "ugly," which received co-signs by some in the community and critique from others that called her out for using gay slurs in the past and further pushing the "gay best friend" trope.

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Kevin Hart is speaking out about his decision to step down from his Oscars hosting gig after homophobic remarks from his past resurfaced. Hart was set to host the Academy Awards in 2019, but members of the LGBTQ community sabotaged him by using the hashtag #OscarsSoHomophobic and resurfaced previous tweets in which the comedian used anti-gay […]

A person claiming to be one of the UC Berkeley students behind a racist, sexist, and homophobic video that went viral has apologized and is pleading for forgiveness. The video allegedly showing the student spewing offensive remarks was shared on Twitter Friday (Dec. 6) and immediately went viral, prompting the university to investigate, the Los Angeles […]

An openly gay preacher in Austin, Tex. ordered a cake from Whole Foods, but upon returning to his car, was shocked to see what was written on the dessert.

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During a radio interview with Jerry Stackhouse and Isola, D.L. Hughley made comments about gay professional athletes that a writer says are homophobic. In this conversation, D.L. talks about Michael Sam and his issue with out of the closet former NBA player Jason Collins being compared to Jackie Robinson. Listen and let us know if […]

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The world has come crumbling down around the cast (family) of A&E‘s top rated show Duck Dynasty and it all centers around the bigoted comments…