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A person claiming to be one of the UC Berkeley students behind a racist, sexist, and homophobic video that went viral has apologized and is pleading for forgiveness.

The video allegedly showing the student spewing offensive remarks was shared on Twitter Friday (Dec. 6) and immediately went viral, prompting the university to investigate, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“I don’t think they should have rights at all,” the man in the video says, referring to African-Americans, the Los Angeles Times reports. “They’re like women.”

As someone speaks from behind the camera, the man in the video does not show his face and is sitting on what appears to be a dorm room bed as he talks about his distaste for “Black people,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

The individuals behind the video have not been identified, a Reddit user by the name of “u/throwaway-berkeley” posted a statement saying the video was filmed “when we weren’t in the clearest of minds,” the Atlanta Black Star reports.

“We are very sorry for what had happened,” the Reddit user wrote, the Atlanta Black Star reports. “We recorded that originally as a joke and we impulsively posted it online. However, we quickly realized the problems and damages that this could have potentially caused, so I immediately took it down. I know that you are angry and mad at us, but we never truly meant the words that was said in the video.”

“I just ask that you would forgive us and please do not spread our personal information online,” the Reddit user wrote, the Atlanta Black Star reports. “Neither of us meant anything said in the video and we deeply regret even recording that video in the first place.”

Berkeley officials released a statement on Friday (Dec. 6) after reviewing the video and following the backlash the video caused, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“The campus is taking appropriate action in response to this video being posted on social media,” the statement read, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Due to federal laws and UC policy that protect student privacy, we do not discuss the situation of individual students.”

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