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During a radio interview with Jerry Stackhouse and Isola, D.L. Hughley made comments about gay professional athletes that a writer says are homophobic. In this conversation, D.L. talks about Michael Sam and his issue with out of the closet former NBA player Jason Collins being compared to Jackie Robinson.

Listen and let us know if you think D.L. Hughley’s comments are homophobic by voting in our poll.

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Isola: Last year, Jason Collins became the first, at the time he was an active NBA player, that came out and admitted he was gay. Now you have the player from Missouri, who’s going to be in the NFL Draft, Michael Sam came out, and then you hear all this stuff. Listen, I’m not trying to say I should be Mother Theresa, I could care less about someone’s sexuality, it doesn’t affect me. But it obviously affects, some people are bothered by it. How do you think the NFL will handle it? How do you think the NBA would handle a player like that?

Hughley: I think in the NFL, it’s not an example of many institutions. Many closed institutions. It is hard for people in the athletic arena who see themselves as bigger. It’s hard for them to get sick. It’s hard for them to admit that they are hurt. Hard for them to admit that they have problems, so another thing that fits outside the paradigm of how they see themselves obviously will be a bit of a challenge. And I think we are making too many efforts comparing Jason Collins, which is what I heard somebody did, to Jackie Robinson hurt my feelings. Jackie Robinson wasn’t allowed to play a sport he was good at and proficient at because of the color of his skin. He played a game under the threat of death. Jason Collins just admitted he liked dudes. It’s not like the same thing. And I think there is, people always say why did they bring sexuality into it, scouts are going to ask him about it. Reporters are going to ask him about it. Why are we so obsessed with, you’ll hear some players say ‘well what if he looks at me’, you aint the first.

Stackhouse: I shared a locker right beside him and

Hughley: Only thing is he was just kind of tall to be a gay dude. Like a ride at Six Flags

Isola: But isn’t it true that most gay guys aren’t attracted to straight guys? Isn’t that the whole point?

Hughley: Why you asking me? What the hell is that all about? And you from L.A. stop it!

Stackhouse: That had to be a rhetorical question

Hughley: You know what’s funny, I’m so little. I’m the fish they throw back. I’m like the guppy they throw back. I think what’s different, if you look at us as a country, we’re different than we were before. We’re higher. We’re more gayer. We’re fatter. We’re not what we were. And it’s just like, athletes who adjust, are athletes who realize they aren’t what they were and work on other skillsets. Like Kobe can’t jump as high, but he can still be great because he has other attributes that he’s developed. This country still thinks that it’s Kobe Bryant at 23.

Isola: That’s a fair point. You going to use any of this material?

Hughley: All of it. Thank you for writing this for me.

Isola: D.L., we really appreciate this, by the way, you have really great hair dude. And I mean that in an upfront guy way.

Stackhouse: Give me some. I’ll take about half of that

Hughley: You have millions of dollars but no hair.

Isola: Nick Young has the best hair in the NBA.

Hughley: For a little while but when you keep your hair past 30 you’re done

Isola: That’s a good point. It was good. Congratulations on all your success.

Hughley: Thank you

Isola: That of course was D.L. Hughley. He got the crowd started. Basically, he was the warmup act for Adam Silver