Up to 10 people went inside a California Home Depot on Friday night and took off with various tools.

According to a complaint filed by a regional official with the National Labor Relations Board, employees at a Home Depot in Minneapolis claim the branch used its uniform policy to punish them for displaying BLM activism during work hours.

Home Depot’s Retool Your School Grant winners were announced this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Melissa Brown, senior manager of marketing says she’s very excited about this year’s winners. Especially because they included a brand new campaign of the year award this year awarded to the school who ran the best campaign, not […]

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Maurice Rucker wants nothing to do with his former job.

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Home Depot reversed its decision to fire a Black employee after receiving a ton of criticism.

For Willie Moore Jr., the smell of BBQ means summer is officially here. Home dept has the perfect grill for the grill master in your family! Head on over to Home Depot today and pick up your perfect grill! Follow The Willie Moore Jr. Show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

Home Depot’s Retool Your School Program is designed to help Historically Black Colleges and Universities keep their campuses up to date. Melissa Brown the Senior Manager, Marketing at The Home Depot is proud to a part of such a great program and is ready to announce the winners of this years program. “The Retool Your School […]

05/11/2017 – Melissa Brown calls into the Tom Joyner Morning Show to announce the 2017 Home Depot Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program winners. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

  Melissa Brown, Senior Manager, Marketing at The Home Depot announces the top winners of the 2016 Home Depot Retool Your School campus Improvement Grant Program on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Click the link above to hear the winning schools! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.  

   Retool Your School is a contest sponsored by Home Depot that gives money to HBCU’s every year to help them make physical improvements. As you may know, some struggling HBCU’s can use that money to make campus improvements. This year’s race, the sixth annual is tight, but there are some new ways to support your […]

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Disturbed Home Depot employee Calvin Esdaile Jr. (pictured above) fatally shot his supervisor before turning the gun on himself Sunday afternoon, the New York Daily…

05/05/14 – Let’s be real. HBCUs are under a microscope and have been for a while now. The constant scrutiny and questions surrounding the relevancy of our institutions and low retention and graduation rates often overshadow the rich history and cultural achievements graduates from HBCUs have achieved. It certainly feels good to have an international corporation like […]