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Wallace along with former TJMS co-hosts Myra J. and J. Anthony Brown on show dates across the country. You can learn more at GeorgeWallace.Net.

George Wallace was such a huge part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and a good friend to the entire crew! Wallace said he was “so happy” to hear J’s voice and the Yo Mama jokes started almost immediately. If they didn’t start talking about each others mamas then they wouldn’t be George and J. […]

George Wallace called the Tom Joyner Morning Show and was “reporting live from the cemetery,” when he said John Witherspoon’s funeral “was a party.” Wallace is sick of people acting like he had a bad day yesterday, because that couldn’t be further from the truth. He and about 1,000 other people gathered to remember and […]

Mr. John Witherspoon was a true legend, everyone has great things to say about him including his good friend George Wallace. Though everyone will miss him dearly, Wallace says “it’s a happy day for us,” because everyone is recalling their favorite memories. ” Back in 1977 when Wallace first moved out to L.A John Witherspoon was […]

Years ago, probably in 1997 or 1998,  the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew took a trip to South Africa. Literally everyone went, and they were riding around South Africa and just telling jokes! It’s a trip Tom will never forget, especially because George Wallace decided to drop his pants. Sybil says when he did it […]

The D.L. Hughley Show crew has come up with a new game called ” four the hard way” where they ask guests four questions. Today they have come up with four “really hard questions” to ask George Wallace. They don’t hold anything back and nothing is off limits! Wallace finds this out as soon as […]

Comedian George Wallace works just about every day! He takes all kinds of gigs, corporate, private and even church. He says he does the church gigs and “people are cursing in church now.” Especially when they can’t open their wine for communion. He says he works so much because he loves it. He’s going to […]

George Wallace wishes everyone a happy New Year! Since it is the season of resolutions, he shares his which are all very realistic. In 2019 Wallace says he’s buying all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins, he’ll stop cussing in church, and he’s not going to lose any weight! 2019 makes 25 years of the Tom […]

George Wallace tells the TJMS Crew that he’s “the most blessed person” they’ve ever met because he gets to “lie for a living.” He likes to believe that he’s the best liar in the world, but he’s having a hard time keeping up with Donald trump. Wallace tells nonstop jokes! He’s in Atlanta at the Uptown […]

Damon is in Las Vegas right now doing a show with George Wallace. Damon says he has new teeth and they look good! But, sometimes they’re not all the way “snapped in.” Tom jokes about how nice it is that Damon decided to go help George with his “little show.” HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM […]

We are celebrating nearly 25 years of the TJMS, and what better way celebrate than with jokes! If you’re a true TJMS fan you remember when George Wallace had us “jumpin in the morning!” Wallace is seriously funny, he kept us laughing from 1998 to 1999. The audio above is sure to bring back some […]

12/14/17- It looks like Huggy Lowdown has a beef with fellow comedian George Wallace because he couldn’t resist taking a few jabs at him during his entire segment. Wallace didn’t come prepared for the fight. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!