Guy Torry has an issue with people who know “they’re dead wrong” but never admit they’re wrong his brother, Trump and even his mama who loves to blame the Devil. On Monday Guy fell out with Kaepernick for standing up to the NFL and changing the rules of the workout. But he says after his “re-vestivation” […]

Guy is falling out with Black people because he’s so disappointed that once again we fell for the oldest trick in the book! They have once again distracted us with chicken. This whole Popeyes Vs. Chick-Fil-A debate has us standing in lines for chicken and some of us losing our minds. Guy is convinced that […]

A lot of Guy’s St. Louis friends have fallen out with the Rams since they moved to Los Angeles; and they’ve fallen out with Guy for not falling out with them too. But he urges them to think rationally, why would he fall out with a team that moved closer to him? And those same […]

Guy says he is no longer an ATM, he won’t be loaning anyone any money anymore. He saw not one but two people who owe him money posting online about the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that they got. So he’s done. The only person who he’ll lend money to now is his […]

Guy is falling out with himself today because he’s “vertically challenged.” Over the weekend he went to a cigar bar and bought a torch lighter because “women say it’s sexy.” He got one for what he thought was $29. When he looked at his receipt he saw that he was charged $79 for the it, and […]

Today Guy has a lot going on!  Guy’s Gripe is, when you decide to take on a job for a friend pro bono you should take it as seriously as if you were getting paid for your services. There’s a Torry Story behind this one. Guy’s friend agreed to help him plan his 50th birthday and started […]

Guy is tired of seeing timberland boots being worn “out of season,” meaning, “anytime the weather is above 50 degrees.” And it seems like the only people who have missed this memo are our east coast brothers! Listen to the audio above to hear the other reasons Guy isn’t a fan of the boots. READ […]

4/23/18- Guy Torry is falling out with every grandma, great-grandma, and nana out there for the Ghetto folklores they tell us. Things, like putting butter on a burn or leaving your purse on the ground or tickling a baby, will give them a stutter. Guy’s asking them all to stop! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: […]

4/11/18- Guy Torry is falling out with Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson for messing up so close to the NBA playoffs. Thompson’s allegedly been caught having sex on camera with another woman days before his girlfriends Khole Kardashian gives birth. Torry is a Laker’s fan so him saying this is a big deal. READ MORE STORIES […]

3/19/18- Guy’s been lying to himself his whole life about sleep. He used to think it was overrated and a waste of time. But that all changed when he got 8 hours of sleep over the weekend. Now he’s mad he didn’t know how good it was sooner! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE […]

3/14/18- There’s a story of a barber shop offering haircuts and a checkup that Torry thought was great but also sad. He’s falling out with Black men dropping the ball on their health and family. If this is what happens during haircuts then Torry thinks men will start paying child support at the liquor store! […]

3/12/18- Guy Torry has been a die-hard Lakers fan since he was 9-years-old, so he loves them! But he’s not happy with the fans who don’t show up to the games, get there late or even worse they won’t wear the gear to the game at all. Guy asks whatever happened to showing unity! READ […]