Spotify is launching a new global initiative called Frequency that's primary goal is to celebrate Black art.

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  Kieron Graham, 20, and Vincent Ghant, 29, are biological brothers who had never met each other until last week. But that’s only half the story. In a twist straight out of the “Twilight Zone,” the two also discovered that they’re both juniors at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, they’re both majoring in political science […]

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DURHAM, N.H. (AP) — Universities are urging students in search of an attention-grabbing costume this Halloween to pass on sombreros, Native American headdresses, and blackface. Those are some of the costumes grabbing the attention of university administrators who are increasingly concerned that certain costumes are becoming flashpoints in campus debates over race and culture. While […]

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For the second time in a week, a college student has been expelled from a university after using the N-word in a Snapchat post. Belmont University in Nashville kicked out a student Monday after he used the racist term to describe Black players on the Philadelphia Eagles who raised their fists during the national anthem. […]

We would suggest that Wheel Of Fortune Julian Batt get an education after his clueless (literally) appearance this week. But it was College Week and Batt is already in college. He’s actually an honors student in Business and English at the University of Indiana. The reason why he’s gone viral, though, is not because of […]