We would suggest that Wheel Of Fortune Julian Batt get an education after his clueless (literally) appearance this week. But it was College Week and Batt is already in college. He’s actually an honors student in Business and English at the University of Indiana. The reason why he’s gone viral, though, is not because of his smarts. Oh no. He represents a new low in game show contestants who’ve lost loads of money with dumb answers.

Batt lost a million dollars, trips to Jamaica and London and a car with a series of answers we’re sure he wishes he could get back.

But there’s a silver lining – at least he was the night’s big winner, taking home over $11,000 in cash. But I don’t know, $11,000 vs. $1 million? We hope that these flubs were just a case of TV nerves.

Watch for yourself- was Batt truly clueless or just nervous?

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13 thoughts on “Clueless ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Goes Viral [WATCH]

  1. Color skin is not important. A total moron like him no matter the ethnic background is still a total moron. That guy has created a new category of imbecility, one not registered by the medical professionals.

    • I said it. on said:

      Danica and Mac?,

      He’s an honor student in college, will graduate and get a great job. He’s not an idiot. One failure on Will of Fortune can’t take away how well he’s done in life. What have you accomplished?

      • No, I said it. That would be three failures. And you would be shocked to know how many college students are totally illiterate. Btw, I’ll bet you don’t know what a dispin is either.

      • I said it. on said:

        He was on one show, right? Failures do not necessarily define you. In fact, you can’t have a success story, unless you have failed along the way. I also assert that the only people who have never failed at anything are those who sat on the sidelines because they were too afraid and spent their time laughing at others. How you react and overcome shows character. He’s a young guy who’s still growing and learning. Just because you haven’t been exposed to a word does not make you dumb. He made about 12,000 dollars that day. How much did you make?

        Furthermore, I don’t know what dispin is, neither does Webster, Oxford, or Google. (The first two are dictionaries.) When you dig an answer out of your … let me know and please provide a reference in apa format. I’m sure you know how to do that.

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