Oprah Winfrey and The OWN Network will be premiering a new television special titled "Honoring Our Kings: Own Honors Black Fatherhood," hosted by celebrated actor Sterling K. Brown. 

  In the average household, mothers are typically responsible for doing their daughters’ hair. That’s why when we see videos of dads giving it a shot, the videos are usually met with a lot of amusement. Typically because many dads are not very good at doing the task. There are some cases where this theory […]

Children are always a blessing! A sweet photo of his newborn son turned into an intense online controversy for Hollywood heart throb Lance Gross. Gross and his stylist wife Rebecca welcomed their son Lennon Lorin Gross just a month ago and both have been proudly sharing sweet photos ever since. In the last photo shared of their […]

A father who works three jobs was determined to give his daughter the perfect eighth grade dance experience. BET reports, he previously told his daughter that the dress she wanted was too expensive and he wouldn’t be able to afford it. That all changed though when she showed up to one of her dads jobs. […]


When infants make the move into Toddlerville, it’s a big deal for both the child and parent. For the kid, it means independence and finally being able to communicate with parents in a more direct way. To parents, it’s the start of weird and unpredictable relationship full of mood swings that border on the comically […]


My one-year-old son Liam and I have rough-housed since he was an infant, so it was no surprise that recently when he got angry with me for thwarting his plan to pour milk into my computer, he hauled off and slapped me across the face. It felt like that episode of Chappelle’s Show when Rick […]