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(Screenshot from video)

A father who works three jobs was determined to give his daughter the perfect eighth grade dance experience.

BET reports, he previously told his daughter that the dress she wanted was too expensive and he wouldn’t be able to afford it. That all changed though when she showed up to one of her dads jobs.

Video that’s now going viral on social media shows the dad bringing over a dress bag to his daughter. When he opens it up and she realizes it’s the dress she really wanted, she goes into shock, stands up, and hugs her dad for a while.

See the video:

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Now this is really what being a dad is all about! 🤗 Her dad works three jobs and surprised her with her dream dress for 8th grade formal after telling her it was not a financial possibility. He made it happen and surprised her at his work! Definitely daddy’s little girl! ❤️We are so blessed and honored to be apart of this special moment between a father and a daughter! ❤️ *We do not own copyrights to this music #styleexchangeboutique #spreadgoodness #daddyslittlegirl #hardworkingdad #8thgradeformal #welovesurprises #mcdonalds #fathersday #pittsburgh #fatherdaughter #fatherdaughterbonding #specialoccassiondestination #upscaleresale *We do not own copyrights to this music

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Who else is crying?

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9 thoughts on “Cue The Tissues! Dad Worked Three Jobs To Buy His Daughter’s Dream Dress [Video]

  1. Alwayz4gtn71 on said:

    OMG…still tearing up. That was such a beautiful thing to for his daughter and she will always remember that moment..her dad showed her what a real hard working man looks like.

  2. S.D. on said:

    Uh, Blackbeckie….there are people with Ph. D.s, MBAs and Master’s degrees that are working as waiters/waitresses. You don’t know what all of his positions include and you certainly don’t know whether he finished school or not. Get out of the crab barrel.

  3. Blackbeckie on said:

    wonderful thing 4 dad to do. the easier thing to do is stay in school finish college and get a higher paying job so that u dont have to work 3 jobs. stay away from any criminals or criminal mentality.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      How can you JUDGE a man you don’t even know? Leave it up to you to try and steal this man’s joy and the joy we feel with him. He worked hard to show his daughter how an HONEST man works hard to get what he wanted, and it wasn’t something for himself but something for his daughter. The smile on his face said it all. Isn’t that what we WANT? There are some GREAT fathers out there, I had one, who would do anything for their kids, and many of them had little education and no money, but they worked to get those things for their kids. They are just as good, and in many cases Better than fathers who are all wrapped up in their careers, and have no time for their children. Just, Shut Up!

  4. S.D. on said:

    Whoever is peeling those onions…stop it! What an absolute special moment for both of them….one she will forever cherish.

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