Roland Martin was alarmed over the weekend when he came across a video that TI shared of an elderly Black woman who appeared to have been badly beaten. 70-year-old Susan Washington’s eyes had been blackened, and her face was badly bruised. Washington suffers from Dementia and isn’t able to tell her family what happened to […]


Pamela Turner’s killer is getting the second chance he made sure she'd never get when he shot her multiple times at close range last week in suburban Houston.


WETHERSFIELD, Conn. (AP) — Relatives of a Connecticut man killed by a police officer last month called Wednesday for him to be arrested, while the family’s lawyers described the officer as a “ticking time bomb” because of problems he had at another police department. The family members, attorneys and NAACP officials gathered for a news […]

This morning I have a few important news stories to cover so I’ll jump right in. First, I wanna tell you about a lawsuit that was just filed against Harvard University by our friend Attorney Ben Crump on behalf of the descendants of two enslaved Africans – a middle aged Black man named Renty and […]

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I try not to do this, but this morning I need to spend a few minutes addressing some very personal attacks and lies that were lobbed against me online. I was literally a top trending topic for most of the day yesterday over this yesterday and just want to address it all head on, because […]

Emantic Bradford Jr. was killed in Hoover, Alabama by Police. Mr. Bradford, who served this country, was attempting to help people escape a mall shooting. Attorney Ben Crump told the TJMS crew that Mr. Bradford’s parents found out that their son was killed on social media and “to add insult to injury,” the police officer […]

Americans seem to idolize celebrities, and when it comes to the law sometimes people that a certain name comes with an automatic win. Russ says that a prime example of this is attorney Ben Crump. He can’t help but wonder why Crump is involved in the Botham Jean case. Russ says his track record isn’t […]

Tyler Perry recently announced a $200,000 reward for information that leads to solving the case of two men that have been missing for over a decade. Roland Martin talks to Attorney Benjamin Crump about the stories of Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams. Both men went missing in Florida after being pulled over by former Collier County deputy […]


TV One will air The State of Black America Town Hall on Sun 7/29 at 8 p.m. ET, based on National Urban League’s semi-annual report. Roland Martin hosts the two-hour special that was filmed on May 8 from Washington D.C.’s Howard Theater. Panelists included Jason Towns, venture capitalist and managing partner at Groundwork Ventures; Kimberly Bryant, founder and executive […]

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Lawsuits filed by Baltimore police officers against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby must be dismissed, according to the law. The United States Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors acting within the scope of their duties in pursuing criminal prosecution are immune from civil suits. The role of a prosecutor in a criminal case is to seek justice and […]

In an email interview, Solomon-Simmons condemned the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for denying his team access to Holtzclaw, but granting access to 20/20. In February, a spokesman refused to disclose his whereabouts to NewsOne, saying it's common practice for the department to conceal the whereabouts of high-profile prisoners for their protection.

Arguing that police should have done something sooner to stop rapist ex-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, lawyers for the victims have amended a federal civil rights civil suit against him to include another victim.