Armstrong Williams

Williams is on the right and Russ is on the left which leads to some interesting conversation.

Will Kevin McCarthy Become House Speaker? Russ and Armstrong Williams Discuss in the "What's Your Point" segment

Armstrong Williams returns to the Russ Parr Show after the midterm elections to tell us why this may be the end of Trump's reign up top the red party.

Conservative talker Armstrong Williams stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show to speak on the topic of gun laws. What role does social media play in these mass shootings? Is there any law that can keep these shootings from happening?

Conservative Talk Show Host Armstrong Williams returned to the Russ Parr Morning Show to talk about the January 6th incident that showed the United States. Williams spoke about possible punishment or lack thereof for Trump and Ginni's involvement, saying that Justice Thomas was shocked to find out that his wife had any involvement, needed to "Lawyer up "and about having her "her own agenda."

For the one year anniversary of the disgraceful Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, Russ spoke with Republican political commentator Armstrong Williams to get his recollection of that day being that he was on the grounds in Washington from the beginning of the rally up until its violent end.

Russ was more than open to having political commentator Armstrong Williams on the show to speak on the results of Election Day from a Conservative's perspective.

Armstrong Williams experienced the capitol riots first hand, he shares his experience.

State run broadcasting received much attention all across the nation as Sinclair Broadcasting has asked all it’s news affiliates to use a news script to promote pro-Trump views. It has both citizens and reporters angry at the companies bold display of its views. Armstrong Williams has been a partner of Sinclair Broadcasting for a number […]

  Russ Parr and entrepnuer and broadcaster Armstrong Williams get into an argument on air over President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. “The speech was good. It was not divisive, it was not offensive. And it was very eloquent and it was very presidential,” explained Williams. Parr didn’t think so and began listing the ways […]

Political commentator Armstrong Williams explains that Trump has a, “spiritual void”  because nothing can fulfill him. It’s for this reason that we continue to see Trump react to every thing via Twitter.  At the age of 71, Trump is stuck in his ways.No matter how many changes come to the White House Trump will not change because,”Twitter […]

Political commentator Armstrong Williams very clearly demonstrated the current administration's hypocrisy.