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Legacy Admissions vs. Affirmative Action | Whats Your Point With Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams

What's Your Point with Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams`

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It’s Friday so you know what that means? Another installment of What’s Your Point with Russ Parr and Armstrong Williams. Today, Russ, Armstrong, and Georgia Alfredas dig into Affirmative Action and Legacy Admissions.


After decades of helping Black and other Students of Color get into Schools, they may have otherwise not had a chance to enter, the Supreme Court struck down college affirmative action programs, which was a big win for Republicans. However, a major question from students and parents who would be affected is around Legacy Admissions. (White) Students whose parents and/or grandparents attended some of the top schools are more likely to be admitted, affecting the chances of those who need affirmative action.


Is Right-wing commentator and HBCU graduate Armstrong Williams, for Affirmative Action? No, however he isn’t a fan of legacy admissions. Williams tells Russ and Alfredas, “Well, there’s a problem with that because black people were not a part of that equation until most recently. And so that was just all White people benefiting from being now and their teacher from legacy admissions. That’s another form of affirmative action.”

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