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What’s Your Point? Debating The Middle East Conflict And George Santos From Left To Right

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What's Your Point with Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams`

Source: Reach Media / Radio One Digital


In an effort to always have a fair and unbiased debate when it comes to politics, Russ Parr and Armstrong Williams are back at it with another interesting back-and-forth for “What’s Your Point?”

Today’s exchange deals with each side’s take on the growing crisis in the Middle East and the hair-raising ethics report against GOP Rep. George Santos.



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With Russ representing for the left and Williams holding it down for the right, they naturally had conflicting opinions. However, there were a few points that both guys couldn’t help but agree on: one in particular being that Donald Trump only cares about himself!



Listen to Russ Parr and Armstrong Williams speak for the left and right, respectively, in the latest segment of “What’s Your Point?” on The Russ Parr Morning Show