Controversial political commentator, Tomi Lahren was clearly upset that Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy sat during the national anthem at the Super Bowl. But, D.L. says no one in the photo was standing. He believes that rich people want us to believe that America is great, but they don’t love it here; which is why […]

All over social media I’ve seen several different videos of police brutality over this past week – sometimes it was fatal, other times not, but each and every time, like clockwork, the victims were Black or Latino, and the violence was completely unnecessary. Here in New York, on our subways this past week, we’ve had […]

Why are white supremacists not registered as domestic terrorist groups? Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ased a member of the FBI this question and other similar questions and he was not able to land on an answer. D.L. says this is because in the USA White Supremacy isn’t criminalized. White supremacists are able to do things […]

Recent studies show that Americans are becoming more and more miserable. According to the report, the opioid crisis, time spent online and health care system are the driving forces behind why so many Americans are miserable. DL wonders why Trump isn’t on that list because most of us don’t like him and the ones that […]

Almost a week ago 50 people of Muslim faith were murdered by a bigot who mentioned Trump as his inspiration. In light of this awful attack Donald Trump has not acknowledged that racism, hate and Islamophobia are issues. He actually said that racists and bigots are a small percentage of the population.  Reverend Al Sharpton […]

Tonight Donald Trump is going to get on national TV and “lie and scare the hell out of you.” He wants his wall and he is losing his battle. He reportedly chose to go for this wall to make immigration his “thing” on the campaign trail to appeal to his audience. His supporters are scared […]

Sherry Johnson was forced to marry her rapist at the young age of 11-years-old after being raped at 8-years-old getting pregnant at 9 and giving birth at 10-years-old. As a grown woman she now dedicates her life to sharing her story and works to help girls who are up against the same thing. Jacque Reid goes Inside […]

1/3/18- The United States is experiencing some cold temperatures this winter and Chris Paul can’t believe it. He says it’s so cold that women are taking cups of hot cider from Bill Cosby! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

11/20/17- 50 pastors have signed a letter of agreement with Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore that there is an attack on men in America with sexual harassment claims. Hmmm, is it an attack on men or one on God? Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hate crimes rose for the second straight year in 2016, with increases in attacks motivated by bias against blacks, Jews, Muslims and LGBT people, according to FBI statistics released Monday. There were more than 6,100 hate crimes last year, up about 5 percent over the previous year. In 2015 and 2016, that […]

LONDON (AP) — The Latest from the track world championships (all times local): ___ 6:40 p.m. The crowds have already cheered for gold at the world championships. In a special ceremony to upgrade athletes who initially finished behind medalists later caught for doping, the U.S. women’s 4×400-meter relay team finally got its gold from the […]

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — As many in the United States celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, some minorities have mixed feelings about the revelry of fireworks and parades in an atmosphere of tension on several fronts. How do you celebrate during what some people of color consider troubling times? Blacks, Latinos and immigrant rights advocates […]