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Kim Kardashian’s most recent cover story for the American edition of Vogue Magazine has been met with various points of controversy, from the reaction to it by her soon-to-be-ex-husband Kanye West to many who felt that the cover should’ve went to Vogue‘s late longtime editor André Leon Talley who died last month — him being a Black man also would’ve made for a fitting BHM tribute as well, according to critics.

However, many have found another reason to call out the publication’s latest issue and cover star: the whole shoot is inspired by iconic images of famous Black women! Take a look below to see where it all started:


Following the post from popular fashion satire account @diet_prada (seen above), which adds the sarcastic caption “Kim and Vogue said ‘Black History Month’,” many people agreed with over 200,000 likes and thousands of comments. What many weren’t expecting though was a like from pioneering Black supermodel Naomi Campbell.


Although it appears her like has disappeared from the post, many people in the comments confirmed it was there and even witnessed it for themselves before it was removed. Nobody would blame Naomi either way, especially when seeing Kim styled in near-identical poses and wardrobe as Beyoncé from her 2016 “Sorry” music video, Nina Simone from the late ’60s and a cover spread Naomi herself did for the magazine’s November 2020 issue. The post also adds a side-by-side style comparison of Kim over the years copying identical outfits that Naomi wore on the runway and in public throughout the ’90s.


While the debate should probably be less with the KKW Beauty CEO and more with the stylists and creative team on the shoot, we can’t help but think that many of those out there have some valid points when it comes to their critiques. Do you agree?

Take a look below to see how people are reacting on social media to Kim’s new Vogue spread, and whether or not it could be deemed as cultural appropriation of Black women:



1. Soooo nobody going speak on Kim copying and pasting everything about Naomi On to her look … it’s weird as hell and I’m really tired of the kulture vultures being applauded for the sister black women being doing for years and better at that ..

via @LipsRrUs

2. Kim Kardasian does not set trends. She’s derivative, and appropriator, not an originator. Here’s an Originator — the iconic Naomi Sims.

via @DoloresPastor3

3. Speaking of culture appropriation Naomi doesn’t have naturally straight hair does she. Needs to quit appropriating other cultures straight hair. Her original black/jamaican/oriental ancestors didnt wear high heels or slacks & I’m sure she cld find appropriate garb to wear.

via @blueskies6123

4. Kim’s Vogue cover was literally styled by the same person that styled Naomi. Of course it looks similar. I’m sure there’s plenty people can be mad about when it comes to Kim, but this Vogue cover ain’t it.

via @breezega

5. Naomi Sims did this first. Shame on @voguemagazine and Kim Kardashian.

via @StephanieSidley

6. Don’t like either women but sick of the hypocrisy Accusing white women of cultural appropriation but this is ok Why aint u proud of your afro hair? And one picture is of a Egyptian woman not African. Was they accused of CA ?? No thought not @NaomiCampbell @KimKardashian

via @MariaDu88427691

7. Kim has copied Naomi a few times and has said she looks up to her…I think it’s time Kim finds her own style

via @DBravad

8. It’s disappointing that @voguemagazine chose Kim Kardashian for the February issue, doing her best Naomi Campbell impersonation during black history month. Do better, Vogue!! Next time cast @NaomiCampbell

via @jennerific713

9. just a thought but those pics where they compare Naomi Campbell to Kim K like she’s trynna be her (???) has never made sense to me, they are literally just runway shots while Naomi was walking for those brands

via @krmsmeo

10. I don’t blame Naomi, it’s terrible. Kim Kardashian of all people!?

via @Sunshineonetwo