1. Biden in Tulsa: “We must not give hate a safe harbor” What You Need To Know: At the site of the worst destruction in American history, of a Black community,  a bustling economy and its people, President Biden marked the commemoration of the Tulsa Race Massacre. It was 100 years ago this week that […]

1. Righting the Wrongs: The Tulsa Race Massacre 100 Years Later What You Need To Know: This weekend marks 100 years since the race massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.” The attack, carried out on the ground and from the skies, killed and wounded […]

1. Attorney General Ellison to Prosecute Police in Death of Daunte Wright What You Need To Know: There’s a sense of deja vu in Minnesota as the state Attorney General Keith Ellison has stepped in to prosecute a police officer in the death of a Black man. Daunte Wright was fatally shot during a traffic […]

1. Black Women Forge Historic Paths What You Need To Know: Attorney Kristen Clarke made history Tuesday afternoon as she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the first Black woman to lead the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. With only one Republican voting with Democrats and Independents, Clarke’s nomination was approved […]

1. The Murder of George Floyd: One Year Later 4 MINUTE READ What You Need To Know: One year ago today, millions of people worldwide watched the murder of a then unknown African American man, George Floyd, at the knee of a then unknown White former Minneapolis policeman, Derek Chauvin. 2. Judge Orders Audit of […]

1. Politicians Continue Work on George Floyd Policing Bill 4 MINUTE READ What You Need To Know: Despite not making the May 25 deadline, the White House says work continues to pass and sign into law the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. 2. Ascension of African American Female Judge 3 MINUTE READ What You […]

1. 35 Republican Truth Tellers Vote for Jan. 6 Capitol Commission 2 MINUTE READ What You Need To Know: The U.S. House voted Wednesday to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. 2. Black Voters Matter Launches Nationwide Freedom Rides Tour 3 MINUTE READ What You Need To Know: […]

1. Attorney General Letitia James Moves from Civil to Criminal Probe of Trump Organization What You Need To Know: The office of the New York Attorney General has announced the once civil investigation into the Trump Organization is now criminal. 2. Why a Commission on the Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection Spells Trouble for the GOP […]

1. Feds Indict Former Cops for Civil Rights Violations of George Floyd What You Need To Know: A federal grand jury indicted Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers on charges of violating George Floyd’s civil rights during the arrest that led to his death last year. 2. GOP Voter Restriction Bill Passed […]

1. Most Conservative High Supreme Court to Take on Abortion What You Need To Know: After almost fifty years following the groundbreaking decision regarding the volatile and controversial issue of abortion, the Supreme Court announced it will hear a challenge to the state of Mississippi’s ban on most abortions.  2. Biden Set to Begin Granting […]

1. Dallas County Prosecutor Disbarred What You Need To Know: In a rare act, a former Dallas County prosecutor has been disbarred for his actions in a murder case in which two Black men were eventually exonerated. 2. Paths to Passage of Federal Voting Rights Law Lead To Dead Ends What You Need To Know: […]

1. Democratic States Pushing Back to Expand Voter Access 4 MINUTE READ What You Need To Know: As Republican-led states continue their march to restrict voting access, there are state Democrats showing voter engagement supporters they are still in the fight.  2. To Pasquotank County: Give Andrew Brown’s Family the Transparency They Deserve 4 MINUTE […]