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1. May 25, 2020: An American Turning Point What You Need To Know: In just a little over two weeks, the world has turned upside down. 2. Defunding Police Departments: What Does It Mean? What You Need To Know: In recent weeks, the calls for “police defunding” have increased. While this has been an issue […]

1. Biden Formally Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination What You Need To Know: The term “presumptive Democratic nominee,” can now be removed from any news stories describing Joe Biden. 2. Do The Right Thing: Protest, Register and Vote What You Need To Know: As protests continue in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, questions are not […]

1. Memorials and Funerals for George Floyd What You Need To Know: Thursday began the series of memorial services honoring the life of George Floyd. A memorial for family, friends and special guests in the age of the coronavirus, practicing social distancing, was held Thursday afternoon at North Central University in downtown Minneapolis. 2. Who […]

1. President Obama Speaks What You Need To Know: Answering the call of Tom Joyner and others, President Barack Obama spoke to the nation for the first time on camera about the murder of George Floyd and nationwide protests. 2. All Officers in George Floyd Murder Charged, Chauvin’s Murder Charge Upgraded What You Need To […]

1. Biden Goes to Church, Trump Takes A Photo Op Too Far What You Need To Know: Joe Biden and Donald Trump each made a visit to local churches Monday. As his political opponent took protesters off the street in order to create a “photo op,” in front of a Washington DC church, the presumed […]

1. Days of Rage, Injustice and Murder What You Need To Know: We stand here today, Monday, June 1, 2020, one week after the murder of George Floyd. 2. Biden & Trump Response To Protests Are Like Night and Day What You Need To Know: As the country erupts in protest over the death of […]

1. George Floyd Murder Update What You Need To Know: Video was released Monday night of a white police officer with a knee on the neck of African American George Floyd. 2. Christian Cooper Accepts Apology As NYC Officials Call For Police Probe Of White Woman’s 911 Call In Central Park What You Need To […]

1. Florida Law Restricting Felon Voting Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules What You Need To Know: The law, passed by Republicans and signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last year, required that even after serving time for serious crimes, Floridians must pay fines and court fees before voting rights were restored. 2. If Not North Carolina, […]

1. Trump And Senate Republicans Feeling The Heat Of The Upcoming Fall Election What You Need To Know: Less than six months before the Presidential election, Donald Trump is feeling the heat. 2. Big Mama! Ditch That Baby Powder! After Thousands Of Lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson Will Stop Selling Talc-Based Baby Powder In US, Canada […]

1. Is Barr Clearing Obama And Biden Or Is He Helping Donald Trump? What You Need To Know: Despite tweets and protestations from his boss, Attorney General William Barr said he does not think that former President Obama and former Vice President Biden are under investigation. 2. Magic Johnson’s $100 Million Assist What You Need […]

1. Hundreds Traveled To Demand Continued Justice For Ahmaud Arbery What You Need To Know: Hundreds of protesters drove to the Brunswick, Georgia area Saturday and rallied with hundreds of others at the Glynn County Courthouse to seek justice in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. 2. Do The Right Thing, Joe: Bet On Black… […]

1. GOP Senator Urges Caution As Donald Trump Calls For Subpoena Of President Obama What You Need To Know: What Donald Trump is calling “Obamagate,” refers to his conspiracy theory that the Obama administration was behind the investigation into Russia that included members of the Trump administration, like for National Security advisor, Michael Flynn. 2. […]