Just a few minutes ago, I released a 72 page report on every single penny I’ve ever raised since the Black Lives Matter Movement began. When you can, you can go to  to check it out. In the 5 years since the Black Lives Matter movement began, I’ve helped to raise $34.5 million – […]

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 3rd, a young man in Colorado Springs called 911 and said that he had just been robbed at gun point. He said he knew the two teenagers who did it, that they walked up on him, knocked him down, pulled a gun on him, and took his wallet. According […]

Two weeks ago I launched a national campaign to Flip The Senate. Last week Rihanna announced that I was being honored at her Diamond Ball. And every day since, I’ve been called a scammer, a fraud, a thief, and a grifter – and not just by random trolls and conservatives, but by real people, who’ve said […]

For a few minutes this morning I wanna demonstrate the power of local elections. On Tuesday a dangerous vote took place in the North Carolina where the state legislature passed House Bill 370. And it’s doing something we see happening all over the country. In North Carolina, at least 7 different elected sheriffs have said […]

As you may have seen or heard, yesterday the NFL announced a wide-ranging partnership with Jay-Z and his company, Roc-Nation. I’m just gonna be completely raw and open on my feelings here. I’m deeply disappointed in Jay Z. I’m deeply disappointed that he formed this partnership with the NFL. I’m deeply disappointed to learn that […]

Today I have several important news stories to cover so I’ll jump right in. Just 10 days ago a white supremacist shot up a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas in the deadliest hate crime against Latinos in the entire history of this nation and the deadliest hate crime for any racial group in this country […]

One of the questions I get asked a lot when I travel and speak is, “Shaun – is the world truly worse, is police brutality worse, are hate crimes worse, are mass shootings worse, or does social media just give us more information, coming at us from every angle, and we just think it’s worse?” […]

My wife and I have this thing that we say to each other on a particularly tough day for our country. I might say to her, “Wow. What a tough day.” Then she’ll say, “A tough week.” Then I’ll say, “A tough month.” Then she’ll say “A tough year.” And we’ll go back and forth […]

On Saturday evening, at a wonderful festival in Brooklyn just a few miles from my house, 12 people were shot. On Sunday evening, in the Bay Area of California, at a Garlic Food Festival in Gilroy, 15 people were shot, at least 3 people have died, including a sweet little 6 year old boy named […]

I am on my way to Indianapolis in just a few hours to speak for the National Urban League and would love to see you or your family if you are anywhere near the convention. There’s a lot going on in the world right now but this morning I want to break down two very […]

In the debate over fatal police shootings of minority citizens, one theme is persistent: White officers, rather than nonwhite officers, are primarily responsible for black Americans being shot by the police. For example, look to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s handling of the recent shooting of black resident Eric Logan in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana. […]

Sometimes, real life is so disturbing, so awful, so problematic, that when you see it for the first time, your mind struggles to catch up. On Sunday morning, when I first saw what appeared to be tweets from Donald Trump, telling Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib to go back to […]