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The Amanda Seales Show

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On the latest episode of the Amanda Seales show, it was all about good news and positivity. Amanda kicked off the show by sharing some exciting news in the world of gymnastics, as Trinity Thomas tied a world record. Next, Amanda celebrated the achievements of Queen Latifah, who made history by being the first female rapper to be inducted into the national recording registry.

In a public service announcement, Amanda urged white listeners to take a look at racism from a black perspective to see how black people always have to be on guard from white supremacy.

The show took a sports turn as Amanda discussed Jalen Hurts, who recently negotiated a deal making him the highest paid NFL player. Amanda and her guests discussed the importance of athletes advocating for themselves and their worth.

Finally, comedian Godfrey joined Amanda for an hour-long exclusive interview. They discussed a range of topics, from Godfrey’s early days in comedy to his thoughts on current events. Listeners were sure to enjoy the laughs and insights shared during this segment.

Overall, this episode of the Amanda Seales show was a positive and uplifting one, filled with good news and good vibes.


  • (02:03) BLACK JOY: We’re Making You Feel Good With Black Joy Stories! Gymnast Trinity Thomas Ties A Record
  • (4:00) Plus The Group Chat: Would You Rather- We Will Give U 4 Things To Choose From
  • (08:08) The PSA (Public Seales Announcement)
  • (09:10) Check The Voicemail – Amanda Checks In With Listeners
  • (11:20) Queen Latifah Makes History
  • (12:35) The People Versus
  • (15:02) Things I Learned This Week
  • (25:39) Check The Voice Mail – Amanda Checks In With Listeners
  • (28:36) BLACK JOY STORIES:  Jalen Hurts Negotiated A Deal Making Him The Highest-Paid Player In NFL History.
  • (31:32) @COMEDIANGODFREY Joins The Amanda Seales Show With A *Podcast Exclusive*
  • (60:26) Comedian Godfrey On “For The Record”
  • (60:38) Check The Voice Mail – Amanda Checks In With Listeners
  • (60:41) Dodgers Player Andrew Toles Has Been Re-Signed
  • (60:44) Ahmad Jamal Tribute/Sample Game






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