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No Writers No TV | The Amanda Seales Show

Source: Urban One Podcast Network / Urban One

On the latest episode of the Amanda Seales podcast, she discusses the discovery of more remains of Rasheed Carter and the ongoing investigation into his death. She also talks about the backlash Karl Lagerfeld is receiving after being honored at the Met Gala, as well as the disturbing incident where a black server was harassed by Neo-Nazi Confederate patrons. Additionally, the podcast covers the recent news of Dillon Brooks being dropped by the Grizzlies over his comments about Lebron James. Finally, Amanda Seales celebrates Kandi Burgess’ Tony nomination and highlights some other noteworthy news stories.


  • (03:54) BLACKURATE NEWS:  UPDATE: More Remains Of Rasheem Carter Have Been Found
  • (07:23) Not Everyone Thought Celebrating Karl Lagerfeld Was A Good Idea.
  • (11:57) The Group Chat: Mental Health Check In / Mental Health Awareness Month
  • (17:18) Our Phone Lines Are Open To You 24/7…At 855-AMANDA-8 THAT’S 855-262-6328!
  • (20:23) BLACKURATE NEWS: Black Server Harassed By Neo-Confederate Patrons
  • (27:44) Dillon Brooks Told By Grizzlies He Won’t Return “Under Any Circumstances”
  • (32:35) BIG UP – Kandi Buress Is A Producer And Got A Tony Nomination!!!! LET DOWN – Zooey Loses Her Seat
  • (36:38) It’s The Amanda Seales Show And You Know Our Phone Lines Are Open To You 24/7…At 855-AMANDA-8 THAT’S 855-262-6328!
  • (39:43) BLACKURATE NEWS: Women Take Over Bench /Transgender Rep. Zoe Zephyr Was Using To Take Of Political Business
  • (48:59) Writers Strike Is In Full Affect – Thousands Of Unionized Television Writers Say They Are Not Being Paid Fairly And After Negotiations Failed With Hollywood Studios Yesterday Writers Headed To The Picket Lines
  • (54:16) Join The Conversation Or Just Say Hello By Calling In AT 855-AMANDA 8, 855-262-6328!
  • (59:20) Politicians Say The Darndest Things
  • (62:56) 60-Second Headlines!





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