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Back Of The Class: T.S. Madison Talks Traumatic School Experience l The Amanda Seales Show

The Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala - Inside

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The lavish lifestyle of larger-than-life diva T.S. Madison has been astonishing to witness lately, steadily shaping into one of the most polarizing figures currently pushing the trans community forward.

She’s doing it big over in Hollywood across various projects on the small screen and web series platforms alike:


…popping up as a pleasantly entertaining surprise on your favorite reality TV shows:


…working the red carpet left and right this awards season alongside her Ru Paul’s Drag Race family:



…and simply just remaining a viral presence across social media:




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Today however, T.S. got a bit more personal as a guest on The Amanda Seales Show with a semi-somber segment of “Back of the Class.” The Florida native took us back to her high school days as a still-questioning teenage boy named Timothy, or ‘Timmy’ for short. The latter was a common nickname used by a close friend, one of the first trans-identifying teen girls she’d ever come across that changed Madison’s perspective on self-identity, and life in general, which eventually helped her grow into the proud trans woman we see today.

Of course, with painful memories can also come tears, which there’s always room for on The Amanda Seales Show.

Watch T.S. Madison on The Amanda Seales Show below for a very special segment of “Back Of The Class”: