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Snoop Dogg recently claimed he is the owner of @CozomoMedici, which is well-known for NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) speculation as well as ownership of more than 140 NFTs. 

He says he’s the owner of the @CozomoMedici account, which has garnered interest with well-documented NFT speculation and ownership of more than 140 NFTs. 

Snoop Dogg (all white)
Snoop Dogg

“I am @CozomoMedici,” the rapper tweeted Monday (Sept. 20), just five minutes after the user behind the NFT account promised they would imminently reveal their identity.

“Shortly, as promised, I will dox from my personal account,” the tweet from @CozomoMedici read. “As my fame is considerable, the tweet will no doubt be discovered. Those who are curious to know my identity will soon know it.”

The @CozomoMedici account, which is about a month old, had promised it would reveal is owner just days before Snoop dropped the bomb via Twitter.

Lending some credence to Snoop Dogg’s claim is the fact that many of the NFTs listed on OpenSea are cannabis-themed, Billboard reported. Shortly after the rapper’s tweet was posted, @CozomoMedici purchased a pair of NFTs by the artist NyanDogg, one of which — a GIF of a cat smoking a joint and wearing what appears to be a giant marijuana leaf — now serves as Snoop Dogg’s Twitter avatar. 



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